Makoura College

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Makoura College
Makoura College Logo
Makora Road
Masterton 5810
New Zealand
Coordinates 40°57′43″S 175°39′58″E / 40.9620°S 175.6662°E / -40.9620; 175.6662Coordinates: 40°57′43″S 175°39′58″E / 40.9620°S 175.6662°E / -40.9620; 175.6662
Type State Co-educational Secondary Years 9-13
Motto Kia Manawanui
Established 1968
Ministry of Education Institution no. 243
Principal Tom Hullena
School colour(s) Black and Red
School roll 350[1] (July 2015)
Socio-economic decile 3G[2]

Makoura College (spelled Makora College prior to 1990) is a state co-educational secondary school located in Masterton, New Zealand. The school opened in 1968 as the town's second state secondary school, alongside Wairarapa College. Serving Years 9 to 13 (ages 12 to 18), the school has a roll of 350 students as of July 2015.[1]


Makoura College was established in 1968 to cope with an expanding youth population in the Masterton district. It began with a roll of approximately 800, and was governed by the same Board of Governors as nearby Wairarapa College.

The college was sited on the Eastern side of Masterton, close to several primary schools,[3] and a then government-owned printing press.

During the 'Tomorrow's Schools' reforms of the late 1980s, a stand-alone Board of Trustees was instated.


The school's classrooms are largely contained within two Nelson Blocks, although a technology block and arts block also house classes pertaining to their subject areas. The school also contains a hall, library, gymnasium, multi-purpose sports turf and Teen Parent Unit for teen parents.[4] Makoura College also boasts a state of the art computer lab with 25 PCs.

2011 - The school is undergoing a huge refurbishment with one of the two Nelson blocks being stripped and rebuilt to house the junior school - Te Kura Teina - years 9 and 10 as well as the Wharenui. The other Nelson block is being demolished to make way for new classrooms.

Potential closure[edit]

In early April 2008, a private meeting was held between the Ministry of Education, the Makoura College Board of Trustees chairperson and the Wairarapa College board chairperson.[5][6] Since the meeting, the Makoura College Board has disclosed that it feels that the college should be merged with nearby Wairarapa College or closed. The board blamed the closure on a declining roll, which it suggested was the result of a declining population and "the socio-economic, racist and snobbish attitudes that have developed in Masterton around the so-called East/West divide".[7] A public meeting was held to discuss the consultation, and submissions were invited to the Board of Trustees, with approximately 225 being received.[8] College students initiated a petition in support of the school, which received approximately 7,512 signatures.[9] Local Member of Parliament John Hayes has come out in support of the school, and has suggested the replacement of the school's management.[10]

On the 7th of August, 2008, the Board of Trustees announced its resignation[11] The Board has since been replaced by a commissioner, Tim White. The Principal, Chris Scott, also resigned. A new principal was appointed in December 2008 and the school has continued attracting an improved year 9 role in 2009 and seems to be building towards a stronger future despite working with difficult students and a shortage of funding. Former pupil Jemaine Clement and Flight of the Conchords partner Bret McKenzie played a benefit concert to a sold-out local audience of 2000 on March 31, 2009, giving the school both a financial boost and a powerful show of support for the school and its pupils.[12]

Notable alumni[edit]

Jemaine Clement - comedian, musician


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