Makova (Hasidic dynasty)

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Makó Synagogue
The current Prager Rov, R' Moshe Vorhand Shlit''a

Makova (Yiddish: מאקאווא) is a Hasidic dynasty originating from the city of Makó, Hungary, where it was founded by Rabbi Moshe Vorhand (1862–1944). Today the dynasty is centered in Kiryat Ata, Israel, with smaller communities in Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Elad and Boro Park, United States. The dynasty is currently headed by Rabbi Shimon Lemberger.

Makova dynasty[edit]

  • Rabbi Moshe Vorhand (1862–1944) - Chief Rabbi of Makó (known as the "Makova Rov"") and author of "Ohel Moshe" and "Ateret Moshe", he was murdered in the Holocaust.
    • Rabbi Ephraim Rosenfeld - Son-in-law of Reb Moshe, he was the Chief Rabbi of Szendrő, later succeeding his father-in-law as the Makova Rov.
      • Grand Rabbi Moshe Nosson Nota Lemberger (1909–1982) - 1st Gaavad Makova, the primary disciple of Rabbi Shimon Greenfeld, he founded the Makova Hasidic dynasty in Kiryat Ata, where he established the "Makova Yeshiva". He authored the works "Ateret Moshe" and "Kli Golah".
        • Grand Rabbi Shimon Lemberger, 2nd and current Gaavad Makova of Kiryat Ata.
        • Grand Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokeach - Sonin-law of Reb Moshe, son of current Belzer Rebbe.
        • Grand Rabbi Ephraim Lemberger (d. 1997), Gaavad Makova of Boro Park.
          • Grand Rabbi Meir Yehezke Lembergerl, Gaavad Makova of Boro Park,
        • Grand Rabbi Avraham Yechiel Lemberger (d. 1995), Gaavad Makova of Bnei Brak.
          • Grand Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Lemberger, Gaavad Makova of Bnei Brak
        • Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Lemberger (1947–2011), Gaavad Makova of Jerusalem.
          • Rabbi Yisrael Aharon Lemberger, Gaavad Makova of Jerusalem.
        • Rabbi Asher Anshel Lemberger (d. 2020), Gaavad Makova of Elad
    • Rabbi Mordechai Vorhand (1885 - 1945) - Chief Rabbi of Nitra and author of "Be'er Mordechai" and "Kenin Chadash".
      • Rabbi Ze'ev Tzvi Vorhand - Prager Rov, founder of the Prague Hasidic community on Manhattan's West Side
        • Rabbi Moshe Vorhand - Current Prager Rov.
      • Rabbi Yosef Vorhand
        • Rabbi Chaim Shaul Vorhand
      • Rabbi Aharon Hillel Vorhand
      • Rabbi Yehoshua Eliezer Vorhand

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