Makram Ebeid

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Makram Ebeid Pasha

Makram Ebeid Pasha (Qina 1889 - Cairo 1961) was an Egyptian Coptic politician. His full name was "William Makram Ebeid", but he decided to drop the name "William" because of his political issue with the British protectorate in Egypt. Ebeid was the Wafd Party secretary-general between 1936 and 1942. He was also the finance minister of Egypt in 1936. Ebeid helped establish the Wafd Party in Egypt, and he believed in liberal politics. Ebeid studied Law at The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and received his degree in 1912. He was involved in the 1919 revolution with his friend Saad Zaghloul and was one of the people who were exiled as a punishment, but he eventually returned to Egypt with some of the noble men of that time.

Ebeid came from a prestigious well known family in Upper Egypt. His father was bestowed the title "Pasha" by The King of Egypt himself. The family was involved with politics even when Napoleon tried to conquer Egypt, and they were among those who welcomed Napoleon and became his allies. They were continuously praised among the Egyptian people because of their absolute devotion to the country. Though among the wealthiest families of Egypt, they were known to balance both the humble life of the commoners and their noble life with their personal relations to the King.

Makram Ebeid has a street in Egypt named after him, and is taught as one of the main heroes of Egypt in history books, he and his family played a major role in forming Egypt's Golden Age. The family to this day is well known among the elite politicians, they are involved in a lot of charity and continue to support liberal politics.