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Maksym Tymoshenko
Максим Тимошенко
Maksym Tymoshenko
Born (1972-04-20) 20 April 1972 (age 46)
Nationality Ukraine
EducationLysenko Kyiv Specialized Music Boarding School
Alma materKyiv National Economic University
National Academy of Culture and Arts Management
Known for
Home townKyiv
Parent(s)Oleh Tymoshenko
Vira Tymoshenko

Maksym Tymoshenko (Ukrainian: Максим Тимошенко, pronounced [mɑkˈsɪm tɪmɔˈʃɛnkɔ]; born 20 April 1972) is a Ukrainian culturologist and a social activist. He is a doctor of philosophy (2013),[1] a professor of the National Academy of Culture and Arts Management (2014),[2] an Honored Art Worker of Ukraine (2015),[3] member of the Green Cross International Board (since October 2017). President of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music as of November 2018.

His awards: the Order of Christ the Saviour (2001),[4] the special prize "For a Considerable Contribution to Promoting a Positive Image of Ukraine in the World" of the nationwide program "Person of the Year" (2004),[5] the title of Ambassador for Peace (2005),[6] the Order of Merit, 3rd class (2006).[7] He is the chairman of the board of the international charitable foundation Dukhovna Spadshcyna (Ukrainian: Духовна спадщина, Spiritual Heritage) (1997–2003, since 2003 its honorary chairman). The president of the international foundation Dni Ukrainy (Ukrainian: Дні України, Days of Ukraine) (since 2006).[8] The president of the national environmental organization Green Cross Ukraine (since 2012).[9]


Maksym Tymoshenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 20 April 1972 in the family of an educator, music professor and the president of the Kyiv Conservatory Oleh Tymoshenko. Maksym Tymoshenko graduated from the Lysenko Kyiv Specialized Music Boarding School[10] (1990). He graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University (1996, faculty of economy), with MBA. He got the second higher education at the National Academy of Culture and Arts Management(2012).[11]

He worked at the Ukrainian Culture Foundation's Office in Kyiv (1991–1992, as the head of department; 1992–1993, as the director), at Nezalezhnist JSCB (1993–1997, as the chairman of the board),[12] in the administration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2003–2014), National Academy of Culture and Arts Management (since 2012, since 2013 as an associate professor, since 2014 as a professor). He lives in Kyiv.


Academic Activities[edit]

Maksym Tymoshenko is the author of over 20 publications in academic books and periodicals. He participated in a number of academic conferences. His Ph.D. thesis is titled "International humanitarian strategies in contemporary Ukraine as a systemic cultural and artistic phenomenon" (2012). His Ph.D. was awarded in 2013.[13]

Social activity[edit]

The Dni Ukrainy foundation under M. Tymoshenko's supervision promotes cultural achievements of the country.[14] "Days of Ukraine in Europe" were held along the French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, 2004), in Paris (2004, 2005), Vatican City (2005),[15] the Principality of Monaco (Monte Carlo, 2006, 2009).[16]

Green Cross Ukraine (being under M. Tymoshenko's supervision since 2012) is a national committee of Green Cross International. The organization supports children affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Throughout 12 years of its work, over 40 thousand children were cured and restored to health.[17]

During the Green Cross International General Assembly in October 2017, Maksym Tymoshenko was elected a member of the GCI Board.[18]


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The author's publications[edit]

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Biographical materials[edit]

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