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Makunduchi is a Tanzanian town, located the southeastern tip of Unguja (Zanzibar Island), south of Jambiani, in the South District of the Zanzibar Central/South Region. The town comprises two distinct settlements, about 2 km from each other, "Old Makunduchi" and "New Makunduchi". Old Makunduchi is a small fishermen's village, while New Makunduchi has some modern buildings, shops, as well as some blocks of flats that were built in the 1970s with the aid of East German funds and engineers.[1]

Makunduchi is mostly known for the Mwaka Kogwa [2] or Mwaka Koga[3] ("show of the year") celebrations, of Shirazi heritage, that take place in July/August to celebrate the (Persian) New Year.[4][5] In Mwaka Kogwa, a ritual battle is fought, at the end of which a hut is burned. Then, predictions are made for the new year, based on the direction taken by the smoke.[5] Tours are organised to visit the festival and to explain and point out the customs.[2]

Makunduchi project[edit]

Makunduchi has one of the two cottage hospitals on the island of Zanzibar, which should serve the whole population of the South District. In practice, the state of neglect of the hospital causes most people from the area to travel to Stone Town's Mnazi Moja hospital to seek medical help.

The renovation and improvement of the Makunduchi Hospital has been chosen as the flag project by the Health Improvement Project: Zanzibar (HIPZ), a charity initiative founded in 2006 with the intent of improving healthcare in Zanzibar according to public/private-partnership model.[6]


Makunduchi is the protected area in Zanzibar . The beach is unspoiled . The first hotel was built in Makunduchi beach in 2006.[7]


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Coordinates: 6°24′48″S 39°33′08″E / 6.4132°S 39.5522°E / -6.4132; 39.5522