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Motto: Food Basket of the Nation
Makurdi is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 7°43′50″N 8°32′10″E / 7.73056°N 8.53611°E / 7.73056; 8.53611Coordinates: 7°43′50″N 8°32′10″E / 7.73056°N 8.53611°E / 7.73056; 8.53611
Country Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
State Benue State

Makurdi is the capital of the Benue state of Nigeria. The city is located in central Nigeria along the Benue River and holds the base for the Nigerian Air Force's MiG 21 and SEPECAT Jaguar aircraft squadrons. As of 2007, Makurdi had an estimated population of 500,797.[1]


The major ethnic groups are the Tiv, Idoma and Igede.


Makurdi is home to Benue State University and the Federal University of Agriculture.


Makurdi is located on the banks of Benue River, a major tributary of the Niger River. It is also located on the main narrow gauge railway line running north from Port Harcourt, although this is not currently working. There are regular bus services linking Makurdi to neighbouring towns.

Until a road rail bridge was built in 1932, a train ferry was used to cross the Benue river.


The Benue State is predominantly an agricultural catchment area specialising in cash crops, subsistence crops, and a variety of potentials


Benue State has huge potentials in human, capital, and material resource and a veritable source of raw materials for processing plants and manufacturing industries.[2]

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