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This article is about the clan. For the term in Hindustani classical music, see Jhala.

Jhala is the name of a clan of Rajputs belonging to the Suryavanshi lineage, found mainly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.

The Jhala claim descent from Harpaldev and Shaktidevi. Harpaldev had nineteen sons, one of whom was Manguji (Limbdi) and his son is Karansinhji (Samla).[citation needed]

A whole region of Gujarat, once ruled by them and named for them, was known as Jhalawar.[citation needed]

The princely state of Dhrangadhra was a 13-gun salute state in the 1920s, when it was ruled by members of the Jhala dynasty. At that time, Jhalas also governed in the 11-gun state of Wankaner and in the 9-gun states of Limbdi and Wadhwan, as well as in the non-salute states of Lakhtar, Sayla and Chuda.[1]