Mal Paharia people

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Mal Paharia
Regions with significant populations
              Jharkhand 115,093 (2001 census)
              Bihar 860 (2001 census)[1]
              West Bengal 44,538 (2011 census)[2]
Mal Paharia language, Bengali
Hinduism, traditional beliefs

The Mal Paharia people are a tribal people of West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand in India.[3][4]

Paharia Mal or Mal Paharia are listed as Scheduled Tribe by the Government of West Bengal.[5]


The Mal Paharias who live in the southern hills of Damin-i-koh and in the south and east of Santhal Parganas have been Hinduised.[6]

The Mal Paharias survive on agriculture and forest produce. [7]


As per 2001 census, the Mal Paharias number around 115,093 in Jharkhand. [8]

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