Mala Conducta

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Mala Conducta
Genre Telenovela
Directed by Ricardo Vicuña
Opening theme "Incomprendido" (Croni-k, Yei[disambiguation needed] and Eva Gómez)
Country of origin Chile
Original language(s) Spanish
Producer(s) Javier Larenas Peñafiel
Original network Chilevisión
First shown in Santiago, 2008

Mala Conducta (English: Bad Conduct) is the name of the second telenovela of Chilevisión. It was released in March 2008.[needs update] The piece is made by the guionist Coca Gómez, produced by Javier Larenas and directed by Ricardo Vicuña. The basis of the telenovela is a school with low rendiment scholars and adults finalizing their studies in the 2x1 system.

The publicity starts the January 16, with the song "Incomprendido", composed by Juan Andrés Ossandón.



  • Dos Por Uno was the working title of the telenovela.

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Preceded by
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First semestre, 2008
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