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The opening title screen for Malaal
Genre Family
Written by Umera Ahmed
Directed by Mehreen Jabbar
Starring Faisal Rehman
Sarwat Gilani
Deepti Gupta
Imran Abbas Naqvi
Tania Kazi
Adeel Ahmed
Opening theme "Behti Naar" by Rushk
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 15
Producer(s) Momina Duraid
Location(s) Karachi, Pakistan
New York City, USA
Running time 40-45 minutes
Production company(s) Moomal Productions
Original network Hum TV
Original release 9 October 2009 (2009-10-09) – 13 March 2010 (2010-03-13)
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Malaal (Urdu: ملال‎) (English: Regret) is a Pakistani drama television series which premiered on Hum TV on 9 October 2009. The series is written by Umera Ahmed and directed by director Mehreen Jabbar.[1] It was also aired in India on Zindagi, premiering on 19 October 2015. The shows ended its run in India on 4 November2015


The storyline revolves around Zinia ( Deepti Gupta ) and Danish (Faisal Rehman) who are close friends of fifteen years, living in the US. Both are secretly in love with each other. But when Danish goes to Pakistan to meet his mother Afia(Shamim Hilaly) she rejects Zinia as she is too aged to be married. Then Danish is being married to a very young woman Mahi (Sarwat Gilani due to his mothers' insistence. She happily marries him and they both go to the US. Mahi also has an Internet friend Saifi (Adeel Ahmed) who falls in love with Mahi and Savera(Sanam Agha) her maternal cousin and best friend. When they arrive US, Mahi and Zinia become very good friends and Zinia moves on.

Zinia makes friends with Jawad (Imran Abbas Naqvi) who turns out to be Mahi's cousin. Mahi, Zinia and Jawad start meeting frequently and so Jawad realises that he is in love with Zinia although she is a decade older than him. Zinia frequently meets with Jawad which upsets Danish and he starts fighting with Jawad and Mahi. But Zinia warns him and says him not to interfere in her personal life as he is married now. Mahi conceives and is pregnant

One time Zinia's best friend Lily(Tania Kazi) comes to visit Zinia with her brother. Mahi also comes at the same time. Her brother is none other than Saifi. He now starts blackmailing Mahi and calling her. She disconnects the wire which causes disputes between Danish and her. One time Zinia also hears her phone call and so Mahi begs her not to say anything to Danish. She agrees.

Meanwhile, Jawad proposes to Zinia to which she reluctantly disagrees as she is elder to him by 8 years and his mother won't allow this marriage. She also starts liking him but she is scared as she could not hear another rejection. He says that he will convince her mother. Lily also thinks that Jawad is a perfect choice for Zinia. Danish tells Mahi that Zinia will never marry Jawad because she used to love him making Mahi upset

On the other hand, Saifi has sent all the emails to Danish and now Danish knows that Mahi had a boyfriend in the past. He divorces her. He doesn't hear to anyone. Even Lily asks for forgiveness but he divorces Mahi. But now Mahi starts hating him as she comes to know that he loves Zinia and he wanted an excuse to leave her and she is also able to convince her mother Aliya (Badar Khalil) and her father (Shehryar Zaidi.

Jawad comes to Pakistan. Aliya's sister and Jawad's mother (Ismat Zaidi) also tells Savera that Aliya wouldn't have done Mahi's marriage with Danish. Danish also proposes Zinia but Zinia starts hating him now. Danish sees a card in which Mahi had written Happy birthday Danish. He goes to Pakistan to convince to Mahi but Mahi rejects because she knows that he is a selfish person and is doing as Zinia had rejected him.

On the other hand, when Jawad expresses feelings for Zinia to her mother, she rejects and starts shouting at him. She doesn't listen to her husband Ibrahim (Raju Jamil). She talks to Afia about the same. But when Jawad says that he will only marry Zinia and he will marry her only if his mother is convinced, She is convinced but gives a condition. He goes back to New York to meet Zinia and so she lies to him that she has married Danish and he says that his mother had rejected him. After few days they meet each other where Zinia says she hadn't married Danish and had lied because she knew that Jawad's mother has rejected her. Jawad says that he had also lied. His mother had given the condition to Zinia that she has to leave New York. She can work in Pakistan. Zinia accepts and so they both are together thus ending the show.



Malal is telecasted dubbed into Arabic with name “Hob-Wa-Nadam” broadcast by MBC.