Malabar United F.C.

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Malabar United
മലബാർ യുണൈറ്റട്
Malabar United logo.png
Full name Malabar United Football Club
Founded 2007

Malabar United Football Club is a football club based in Malabar Region, Kerala, formally of the I-League 2nd Division.[1]


Malabar United Football Club was founded in 2007 by Mohammed Mannil.[2] They started off their history by playing in the local Cochin Premier League. They finished in the semi-finals in the 2008 Cochin Premier League.[2] They then participated in the I-League 2nd Division for the first time in 2009 but did not get promoted. They then tried again in 2010 and 2011 but ultimately failed to gain promotion to the I-League. The club then skipped out of next season in the 2012 I-League 2nd Division.


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