Malacca Island

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Malacca Island

Malacca Island (Malay: Pulau Melaka) is a man-made island in Malacca, Malaysia. It is part of the “Twin Island City Centre” project undertaken by Pulau Kembar Sdn Bhd., a subsidiary of Talam Corporation Berhad. This waterfront development project involves the reclamation of two islands, approximately 0.5 km off the coast of Malacca City measuring 40ha and 50ha respectively. The reclamation of the first island of 40ha and a 30m bridge linking to the mainland had been completed.[1][2]


  • Malacca Straits Mosque - A mosque built on top of columns above the water, with a lighthouse-like minaret, located on the southern shore of the island.

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Coordinates: 2°10′51″N 102°15′06″E / 2.1807°N 102.2516°E / 2.1807; 102.2516