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Sialega Malaetasi Mauga Togafau (June 4, 1946 - March 9, 2007) was Attorney General of the U.S. Territory of American Samoa. He served two terms, first from 1993–1996 and again from January 2005 until his death in March 2007. He died due to complications of colon cancer. He was married to Dr. Oreta Mapu Togafau.


Malaetasi was born on June 4, 1946 to Femalua'i Palepoi Mauga Sialo'i. His grandparents Posiulai Mamea of the Maluia family in Nuuuli and Togafau Sefulu Aumoeualogo of Amouli raised him in Nuuuli, American Samoa.

Given the name Steve Mauga at birth, Malaetasi was the third of 10 children born to Femalua'i. Malaetasi was baptized by his grandparents Posiulai and Togafau at the Nuuuli Congregational Christian Church, officiated by the Reverend Elder Tanielu Aasa's tenure as pastor of Nuuuli EFKS. His mother's father, Paramont Chief Mauga Palepoi anointed him as *Malaetasi."

Malaetasi was an ordained Deacon of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa and held this sacred role until his death in 2007. He was a staunch and active member of the Nuuuli Congregational Christian Church. He served on several church committees. He advocated having more youth participation in church roles and functions. Prior to returning to American Samoa, Malaetasi was associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and married Oreta Mapu in the LDS Temple in Laie in 1977. A memorial service was held in the Kalihi, Hawaii chapel of the LDS Church, West Honolulu Stake. [Obituary, Honolulu Advertiser]. His final services were held at the Nuuuli Congregational Christian Church conducted by Rev. Dr. Elia Titimaea Taase.


Malaetasi had 8 brothers (James Mauga Young, Jack Mauga Young, Willie Togafau, Tasi Mauga, Pisa Tivao, Homer Pelesasa, Benson Mauga and Benjamin Tili) and 2 sisters (Vaiula Tivao and Aolele Toilolo).


Malaetasi married Dr. Oreta S. Mapu, from the villages of Aua and Aoa, on December 10, 1977 in Laie, Hawaii.


(son) Malaetasi Jr. & Tanja: Tatjana, Tasmin, Timo, Timothy

(son) Steve Malaetasi & Maria: Atilavea Togafau

(daughter) June Malaetasi & Kenith Cooper: Kenith Talalelei (deceased), Kedralynn, Kentaro, Kennedy, Kenith

(son) Wayne Ames (first marriage) & Gwendolyn Folau - Talalelei, June & Jasmine (twins) (current Marriage) Annie : Heavenlee, Solagaliua, Taheshja

(daughter) Heidi Ima Togafau & Imanueli Kotobalavu: Haley Nohea-Suitafa'ilagi Kotobalavu, Imanueli Jr., Taimane

(daughter) Hillary Sinapioa Togafau

Malaetasi raised many nieces and nephews as his own:

Tasiaeafe Mapu-Sandoval, Imoasina Solomona, Margaret Pisa, Mose Paopao, Vainiu Afo Jocelynn, Renne, Terrie, Grace Togafau. Jimmy Togafau, Tony Togafau Malaetasi Jack Sialo'i, Iosef Toilolo Johnny Ene, Roman Ene Stephen & Sammy(TJ) Maifea

Service to Family and Nuuuli Village[edit]

Malaetasi held the chiefly title of

  • Afioga ile Taumafaalofi --- SIALEGA title bestowed on November 27, 2003

He was bestowed this ancient title of Nuuuli, that was held by his maternal uncle, Palepoi Mauga Jr. The Sialega title was also held by Malaetasi's maternal grandfather, Mauga Palepoi Afamasaga Sr, also title holder of the paramount title - Mauga. Historically, it is through the Sialega lineage that a great-grandson of Fiame Muaugututi'a of Lotofaga married Solagaliua, daughter of Sialega. Seutatia's son Nofoatolu was bestowed the title Fonoti who married Va'asa the daughter of Fiame Muagututi'a in Lotofaga. This line descends from the Fonoti line of the Seutatia link to the Tuiatua title of Atua.

  • Atilavea --- a minor chiefly title of Atilave'a was conferred in 1993 from his grandmother Posiulai's Maluia Family. As Atilavea, Malaetasi was responsible for organizing and supporting activities for the young men of the Maluia clan as well as the village in general. Malaetasi actively participated in the Nuuuli Aumaga, young untitled men of Nuuuli, with the coordinating of training for the yearly long boat regatta, or tuuga Fautasi.

Professional career[edit]

Assistant Public Defender - American Samoa High High Court September - December, 1974

Legal Cousel - American Samoa Delegates-at-Large Office, Washington DC (1975–1978)

Legislative Cousel - American Samoa Representative Office U.S Congress(1979–1982)

Member - American Samoa Legislature District # 12 (Ituau County)

First Term 1983-1984
Second Term 1985-1986
Third Term 1997-1998
Fourth Term 1999-2000

District Court Judge: High Court Of American Samoa 1985-1992

American Samoa Cabinet:

Attorney General January 1993 - December 1996

AdministrativeLaw Judge May 2000 - January 2005
Attorney General January 2005 – Present


Peru State University Graduate of 1971 Awarded Bachelor Science in Geography With Honors

California Western University Graduate of 1974 Awarded Juris Doctorate

Leone High School Graduate of 1966 First School Valedictorian.

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