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Malagasy orogeny is the name given to the Ediacaran to Cambrian orogeny that resulted as India collided with the already amalgamated African continent that consisted of Azania and the Congo-Tanzania-Bangweulu Block.[1] The orogeny affected the parts of the East African Orogen[2] that are now found in southern India, Madagascar and central Arabia.

The term "Malagasy orogeny" was introduced by Collins & Pisarevsky 2005 for the orogenisis between India and a series of Gondwanan cratonic blocks in present-day Africa (Congo/Tanzania/Bangweulu/Azania). In their reconstruction, India collided with Australia/Mawson in the Kuunga orogeny before the formation of Gondwana.[3] They identified the Betsimisaraka suture in eastern Madagascar as the boundary between the African and India terranes.[4]

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