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Malak Yousaf Yasin khel, a Notable Dilzak Afghan was The Father of Hazrat Ali (Marrani Baba,Charsadda). He is famous among Pashtun people as Shaheed baba. Malak Yousaf was The Commander of the Afghan Brigade in ghaznavids Army. In 977, Sabuktigin captured Kandahar. So keeping this advancement in mind jayapala ordered his army to march toward Ghazna but unfortunately he was defeated by sebuktagin. Soon he (Sabuktigin) conquer Peshawar and extended his territories toward neelab (Indus River). In 992 He was Martyred with other Afghan Soldiers against Raja Jay Pal. His mazar (shrine) is in Mardan.[1] He is the grandparent of yousaf khel, a subbranch of yasin khel. He is also the foregoer of great saints.[2] Here we are introducing the Saints of the Malak Yousaf Household.

Ali ibn Yousaf[edit]

Ali was the son of Malak Yousaf Afghan. After the martyrdom of Malak Yousaf, he was selected by the Elders as the leader of Dilzak tribe. He is famous in Pashtun History as Marrani Baba (Brave Saint). He was not only a great scholar but also a great saint of his time. He is a countable saint in the elder saints of the chishtiya order. After strong hold on peshawar, soon he was nominated by the Ghaznavid Empire as the Chief Judge of the Region.[3] He is also the Primogenitor of the Qazyan family.[4] He was Martyred in a war against Hindu Shahi Armies at Charsadda.

Adam ibn Maleeh[edit]

Adam the son of Maleeh was born in Charsadda. The two other sons of Maleeh were Ahmad (shaikh Ahmad) and yousaf. Adam is famous in Pashtun History as Baba Sahib (also damdama baba). He was a great saint and Scholar of his time.[5] He is in the lineage of Ali ibn Yousaf. His Shrine is in the Graveyard of Prang (Charsadda). This Shrine is famous among the people as Baba Sahib Ziarat while the Shrine of Shaikh Ahmad is at the main Road of Khwaishgi (Charsadda). The descendants of Yousaf (Yousaf Khel) are settled in Akora and the sons of Sheikh Ahmad are in Majuki (Charsadda).[6] The Clan of Baba Sahib are settled in kalu Khan(Sawabi),Gul Abad(Daud Zai)and Palosa(kandy Umar Zai, Peshawar).[7]


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