The Angel of Mercy (1946 film)

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The Angel of Mercy
Raqiya Ibrahim (left) and Faten Hamama (right) in Malak al-Rahma
Directed by Youssef Wahbi
Produced by Gabriel Nahas
Ramses Naguib
Written by Youssef Wahbi
Starring Faten Hamama
Raqiya Ibrahim
Youssef Wahbi
Music by Abdelhalim Newairah
Cinematography Sami Brail
Edited by Kamal El Sheikh
Release date
  • 1946 (1946)
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

The Angel of Mercy (Arabic: ملاك الرحمة‎‎, Malak al-Rahma, About this sound listen ) is a 1946 Egyptian drama film directed and written by Youssef Wahbi. It stars Wahbi, Faten Hamama, Raqiya Ibrahim, Farid Shawqi, and Nejma Ibrahim.


Fouad Bek is married to Imtethal and has a daughter, Thoraya, who lives in Istanbul with her grandparents. Before Imtethal's mother dies, she reveals a secret she has been keeping to her daughter. She also has a son out of wedlock, and tells her where he is. Imtehal meets her brother, Zaki, who tries to trick her and steal from her. He even threatens her with letters. One day, Fouad finds a letter from Zaki. He misunderstands what the letter discloses and thinks that his wife is having an affair with this man. Thoraya returns to Egypt and finds that her parents have divorced.



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