Malakpur Azizal

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Malakpur Azizal
Malakpur Azizal is located in Pakistan
Malakpur Azizal
Malakpur Azizal
Coordinates: 33°18′N 73°10′E / 33.30°N 73.16°E / 33.30; 73.16Coordinates: 33°18′N 73°10′E / 33.30°N 73.16°E / 33.30; 73.16
Country  Pakistan
Province Proposed Flag of Islamabad Capital Territory.svg Islamabad C.T
Elevation 522 m (1,713 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Malakpur Azizal or Malikpur Azizal is a village in the Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan. It is located at 33° 30' 0N 73° 16' 20E with an altitude of 522 metres (1715 feet).[1]

The village gets its name from the Azizal clan of the Tarkhan tribe, who make up a significant part of the population. Other clans include the Maknial and Koknial, also of the Tarkhan tribe.