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Malan may refer to:

People (family name)[edit]

(ordered by earliest date)

Members of the prominent South African Malan family:

  • F. S. Malan (1871–1941), South African Minister of Education 1910–24
  • Daniel François Malan (D. F. Malan, 1874–1959), Prime Minister of South Africa 1948–54
  • Adolph Malan (AKA Sailor Malan, 1910–1963), Royal Air Force fighter ace in the Second World War
  • Magnus Malan (1930–2011), general, Chief of the South African Army, Chief of the South African Defence Force and Minister of Defence, 1980–1991
  • Wynand Malan (born 1943), Afrikaner South African politician.
  • Rian Malan (1954–), author, journalist and political activist
  • Omvir Singh Malan , Engineer from Khair Aligarh Uttar Pardesh India
  • Nirmal Singh Malan , from Takipur, Khair , Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India, He is Auditor In Defence Ministry Of India
  • Abhishek Malan ( born in 1989) working in Delhi Police.

Members of the Malan family lineage can be traced from France and Italy: Members of the oldest Protestant sect in the world, the Valdese, or Waldensians, of northern Italy, migrated to the United States, some to Uruguay.


Some migrated Malan families lives in India specially Western Uttar Pradesh , Tonk Rajasthan, Jhajjar Haryana , Muktsar Gidarbha Punjab state. They are known as Daredevil JAT . They are Pure Aryans related with Mahabharat Pandvas. They are always like to join Armed and Polices forces. They are great warriors forefathers from Itly

People (other name)[edit]

(ordered by earliest date)

  • Malan Breton (born 1973), Taiwanese-born fashion designer, media personality, writer, costume designer, philanthropist, and contestant on the third season of the American television show Project Runway