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Malan may refer to:

People (family name)[edit]

Members of the South African Malan family[edit]

  • F. S. Malan (1871–1941), South African Minister of Education 1910–24
  • Daniel François Malan (D. F. Malan, 1874–1959), Prime Minister of South Africa 1948–54
  • Adolph Malan (AKA Sailor Malan, 1910–1963), Royal Air Force fighter ace in the Second World War
  • Magnus Malan (1930–2011), general, Chief of the South African Army, Chief of the South African Defence Force and Minister of Defence, 1980–1991
  • Wynand Malan (born 1943), Afrikaner South African politician
  • Rian Malan (born 1954), author, journalist and political activist

People (other name)[edit]

  • Malan Breton (born 1973), Taiwanese-born fashion designer and media personality


Other uses[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Ma Lan (born 1962), Chinese Huangmei opera performer