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MalariaWorld is an organization founded in Washington, D.C. in 2004 that aims to provide access to information about malaria. As of September 2015, MalariaWorld had over 8,800 members from 140 countries.[1]


MalariaWorld started in 2004 under the United States National Library of Medicine. MalariaWorld was formerly produced by K&S Consulting, but is now produced by the Dutch Malaria Foundation.[1] MalariaWorld collaborates with the Malaria Eradication Scientific Alliance (MESA).[2][3]


MalariaWorld has published articles on malaria vaccine trials,[4] mosquito control,[5] the role of mosquito nets in preventing malaria in pregnant women,[6] and many other malaria related topics. MalariaWorld has also interviewed Brian Greenwood,[7] among other malaria experts.

MalariaWorld produces the MalariaWorld Journal (MWJ), an online journal that is the first open access, scientific journal to exclusively focus on malaria.[8] The journal uses funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.[8] Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts reflecting applied or field research. The journal accepts various article types including research, case report, case study, methodology, opinion, hypothesis, review, and book review. Journal articles are written in British English.[9] Submitted manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least two experts and evaluated on scientific merit. Reviewers can either accept the submission with or without revisions, reject the submission, or defer the decision until after revisions have been applied. External reviewers must not have a conflict of interest, which the MWJ defines to be when judgement concerning a primary interest may be influenced by a secondary interest. The MalariaWorld Journal will then make a binding and final decision regarding the manuscript. The MWJ requires any research involving humans must be in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and any animal research to adhere to principles outlined in the Basel Declaration.[8] The MWJ applies the Creative Commons Attribution License to all publications; anyone can copy, distribute, display, or download the content as long as the original authors and sources have been cited.[10]

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