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Malaria No More
Malaria No More logo.JPG
Malaria No More logo
FoundedDecember 2006
FounderPeter Chernin and Raymond G. Chambers
TypeNonprofit organization
  • Seattle
Area served
Key people
Timothy "Scott" Case
WebsiteOfficial Site

Malaria No More is a nonprofit organization that aims to end death caused by malaria. Malaria No More is known for its participation in the Idol Gives Back charity specials.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

Malaria No More envisions a world free of mosquito transmission of infectious diseases, using innovative partnerships and focused advocacy to prioritize malaria eradication globally, to create political will, and to mobilize the global resources to a level required to achieve malaria eradication within a generation of today's youth.


Malaria No More was established in December 2006 by Peter Chernin and Raymond G. Chambers.[2][3] Entrepreneur and co-founder of Scott Case is the vice-chairman at Malaria No More since 2006.[2] The nonprofit organization has a global network of affiliate organizations in other countries such as Canada. the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Japan.[4] This allows for the local advocacy to rally public support and work with other grassroots groups such as the Mosquitoes Suck Tour to inspire students to get involved.[5]

Other organizations, such as Malaria No More continue distribution of more broad-based prophylaxis in Africa.[citation needed]

The organization had announced tentative plans to close in 2015, based on the progress which had been made in its mission by 2011.[6]


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