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Malatestino Malatesta (also known as Malatesta I (or II) Malatesta, nicknamed Il Guercio od dell'Occhio; died 14 October 1317) was the lord of Rimini from 1312 until his death.

He was the son of Malatesta da Verucchio, inheriting the lordship after his death. He was also the brother of Gianciotto Malatesta, husband of Francesca da Rimini, and of Paolo Malatesta. As well as the latter, Malatestino is mentioned by Dante in his Inferno (XVII, 48-48; and XVIII, 76-84), described as a tyrant like his father, and as the assassin of Guido del Cassero and Angiolello da Carignano.

He was podestà of Cesena (1290–1295), capitano del popolo of Bologna in 1296, podestà of Rimini (1302) and capitano del popolo of Florence (1303). In 1312 he became lord of Rimini, to which he subsequently added Cesena and Jesi.

Malatestino was succeeded laterally by his brother Pandolfo I. The claims of Malatestino's own son Ferrantino would have to wait.


Preceded by
To the Papal States
Lord of Rimini
Succeeded by
Pandolfo I