Malawi–Morocco relations

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Malawi-Morocco relations



Malawi and the Kingdom of Morocco have had diplomatic relations since 31 January 2001. This has been in the form of non-resident diplomatic missions.[1] The Malawi Ambassador in Egypt is accredited to the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco's Ambassador to South Africa is also the Ambassador to Malawi.

Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC)[edit]

They established a Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation in 2001.[1]

Technical assistance/aid[edit]

Malawi received technical assistance and aid through the Moroccan International Agency of Cooperation (IAC) in which a Moroccan Water and Forestry Engineer was seconded to the Blantyre Islamic Mission's farm.[1] Morocco gave Malawi a US$600,000 grant aid for socio-economic development for a period of four years for education in 2003.[1]


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