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In measuring amount by mass, the common unit is kati, which is about 113 lb (604.79 g). A higher unit is pikul, which is 100 kati or 133.333 pounds (60.479 kg).


For other uses, see Gantang (disambiguation).

In measuring amount by volume, the common unit is gantang, which is equivalent to an Imperial gallon (4.55 L). A gantang can be divided into four chupak. Chupak can be further divided into four chentong, and two chentong makes up a leng.

Chentong is also normally used only in certain areas, and so eight leng makes up a chupak.

When used to measure unhusked rice, a gantang weights about 4 to 5 lb (1.8 to 2.3 kg).

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