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Units of measurement used in Malaysia and neighbouring countries include the kati, a unit of mass, and the gantang, a unit of volume.


In measuring amount by mass, the common unit is kati,[1] which is about 113 lb (604.79 g).[2] A higher unit is pikul or picul, which is 100 kati or 133.333 pounds (60.479 kg).[3]


In measuring amount by volume, the common unit is gantang (gallon), which is equivalent to an Imperial gallon (4.55 L).[4] A gantang can be divided into four chupak (quart).[5] Chupak can be further divided into four chentong (cup), and two chentong makes up a leng (pint).

Chentong is also normally used only in certain areas, and so eight leng makes up a chupak.

When used to measure unhusked rice, a gantang weights about 4 to 5 lb (1.8 to 2.3 kg).


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