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Malaya may refer to:

Geographic entities[edit]

Political entities[edit]

Malaya including Singapore[edit]

Malaya excluding Singapore[edit]

  • The Malayan Union (1946–1948), a post-war British colony consisting of all the states and settlements in British Malaya except Singapore.
  • The Federation of Malaya (1948–1963), the successor to the Malayan Union, which gained independence within the Commonwealth of Nations in 1957.
  • The present-day States of Malaya (1963–present), now usually known as Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia, comprising the states and territories of the former Federation of Malaya.

Other uses[edit]

  • Malaya Company a multidisciplinary branding and product redesign firm that originated from a partnership between Singaporean and Malaysian entrepreneurs.
  • Malaya (film), a 1949 American film set in Japanese occupied Malaya
  • Malayan (film), a 2009 Tamil film
  • HMS Malaya, a Queen Elizabeth class battleship of the Royal Navy
  • Operation Malaya, an ongoing police investigation taking place in Spain
  • Oxana Malaya (born 1983), Ukrainian mental patient known for her morbid dog-like childhood behaviour
  • Malaya (newspaper), after the Tagalog word meaning "free" or "freedom"
  • The name of a national forest or sacred garden, comparable to the Garden of Eden, in Shambhala tradition
  • The Malayan tribe of Kerala state in India
  • In Russian names, малая, feminine singular nominative of the Russian adjective малый = "small"
  • Swahili for a "woman of the town"
  • Malaya (genus), a genus of mosquito
  • Megisba malaya, a butterfly commonly called the Malayan

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