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Malayali Australians
Total population
2,968 (2001)[1]
7,093 (2006)[1]
25,111 (2011)[2]
53,206 (2016)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide
English, Malayalam
Christianity, Hinduism, Unaffiliated, Islam
Related ethnic groups

Malayali Australians (Malayalee Australian) are Australians whose ancestors, or themselves identify as ethnic Malayali's (also called Keralite)and speak Malayalam language. Malayali Australians constitute one group of Indian Australians. Malayali's originate from the South Indian state of Kerala, and is one of the fastest growing populations in Australia, with 53,206 speakers as per 2016 census.[3] There were 25,111 Malayali's in Australia according to 2011 census. Majority of this population has arrived in Australia after the year 2007. The state and territory wise breakup of Malayalam speakers as per 2016 census is:

  • New South Wales - 13,881
  • Queensland - 7,611
  • South Australia - 3,692
  • Tasmania - 254
  • Victoria - 16,950
  • Western Australia - 7,544
  • Australian Capital Territory - 1,994
  • Northern Territory - 1,274

The majority proportion of this population is associated with the 25-39 year age cohort (53%), and the estimated average age of this population is approximately 32 years. Both the genders are well represented with more number of males (52%) compared to females (48%). A vast majority of this population over the age of 15 years are married (71%), and this is followed by people who have never married (11%). More than two-thirds of this population has indicated an affiliation with Christianity and this is followed by almost a quarter of this population indicating an affiliation with Hinduism. There is also a growing number of people who have no religious affiliation. The population is well represented across different income groups, and the estimated average individual income is $45,000 per annum. Almost a quarter of this population indicated that they are Australian citizens.

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