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Dwarf coconut is a range of varieties of coconut palm. The use of the word “dwarf” here does not refer to the tree’s size, as it can reach heights of 50-80 feet which is certainly not a dwarf. Instead, the dwarf designation refers to the size in which it will begin to produce the coveted or harvestable coconut.[1]

Dwarf varieties[edit]

Other types of dwarfs are: (in alphabetical order)

  • Cameroon Red Dwarf
  • Chowghat Dwarf Green
  • Chowghat Dwarf Orange
  • Coconino
  • Eburnea
  • Equatorial Guinea Green Dwarf
  • Equatorial Guinea Yellow Dwarf
  • Fiji Dwarf: form a large bulb at the lower stem
  • Gangabondam
  • Ghana Yellow Dwarf
  • Gon Thembili
  • Haari Papua
  • Kelapa Gading
  • Kelapa Radja
  • Laccadive Dwarf
  • Lakshadweep Dwarf
  • Maldive Dwarf
  • Mangipod
  • Mu-see-Keo
  • N'uleka
  • Nok-koom
  • Pilipog
  • Pugai
  • Pumila
  • Rath Thembli
  • Regia

Malayan Dwarf[edit]

The Malayan Dwarf is a variety of dwarf coconut. The palm is classified based on the nut color: ivory yellow nuts, apricot red nuts, and green nuts.[2] The palm's resistance to the Lethal Yellowing disease is the characteristic that makes it to be one of the important dwarf types in the world.[2]

Recognition of the Malayan Dwarf's resistance to lethal yellowing was in 1956 at Round Hill, Jamaica, where the Malayan Dwarfs affected by the disease was only a very small percentage.[2]

Hybrid varieties[edit]

The Maypan coconut palm is a DwarfxTall hybrid between the Malayan Dwarf and Panama Tall.[2] The DwarfxTall hybrid between the Malayan Dwarf (yellow) and West African Tall is locally known as Mawa, in Ivory Coast, Mawa is known as Port-Bouet-121.[2]


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