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This is an overview of the current and historic fleet of Malaysia Airlines excluding its subsidiaries.

Current fleet[edit]


As of June 2017, the Malaysia Airlines fleet (excluding their cargo aircraft) consists of the following aircraft:[1]

Malaysia Airlines Fleet

Aircraft Total Orders Passengers Notes
F C Y Total
Airbus A330-300 15 27 263 290 Two in Oneworld Livery; All fitted with new Business Class interior.[2]
Airbus A350-900 6 4 35 247 286 To be sourced from Air Lease Corporation; Estimated delivery from October 2017[3][4]
First aircraft will be painted in Special "Negaraku" livery.
Airbus A380-800 6 8 66 420 494 To be reconfigured with 650-700 seats to transport Hajj pilgrimage passengers.[5]
Boeing 737-800 54 16 144 160 One in Oneworld livery and one in retro livery.
Four aircraft will retired during summer season with the expiration of several lease agreements.[6]
150 166
Boeing 737 MAX 8 15 TBA Deliveries from 2019.[7] 10 aircraft from original order converted to 737 MAX 10 variant.[8]
Boeing 737 MAX 10 10 TBA Converted from 737 MAX 8 order.[8]
Total 75 31

Aircraft types[edit]

Airbus A330-300[edit]

Malaysia Airlines A330-300, registered 9M-MTO, in Oneworld livery.

Malaysia Airlines currently operates one variant of the Airbus A330, the Airbus A330-300, with a total of 15 in the fleet. This aircraft is used to fly medium-to-long-haul routes, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Delhi, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Beijing, Shanghai and many more cities.

Malaysia Airlines previously operated 13 'older generation' A330s, all wearing the old livery, receiving its first in 1995. All of them have since been phased out of the fleet and are now replaced by the 15 aforementioned newer versions which are painted in the new livery and are also equipped with enhanced in-flight features, as part of the airline's fleet renewal programme. The first of these new A330s arrived in 2011.[9]

Two Airbus A330s (9M-MTE and 9M-MTO) are currently painted in Oneworld livery. New Business Class seats will be fitted starting from April 2016 and is expected to be completed by September 2016. The aircraft are respectively fitted at starting of 2017.[10]

Airbus A330-900neo[edit]

Malaysia Airlines have options to lease two Airbus A330-900neo. They will be used for medium haul flights, complementing the existing A330-300s in the fleet.

Airbus A350-900[edit]

Malaysia Airlines will lease 6 Airbus A350-900 starting 2017. Malaysia Airlines will be the first A350-900 operator to offer First Class aboard six aircraft expected from December 2017. They will be configured to accommodate 4 seats in First Class, 35 seats in Business Class, and 247 seats in Economy Class (286 seats in total) after MAB CEO, Peter Bellew said premium economy seats "would erode our business product and revenues".[11] Two A350-900s are expected to be introduced by the end of 2017[12].

Airbus A380-800[edit]

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-800, registered 9M-MNF, the 100th A380 ever produced.

Malaysia Airlines signed a contract with Airbus to purchase 6 Airbus A380s in 2003. The airline expected to receive its first Airbus A380 in 2007, but delivery was delayed due to manufacturing problems. On 3 October 2006, upon completion of a review of the A380 program, the deliveries were pushed approximately two years back to 2009.[13][14]

Malaysia Airlines and Airbus agreed on compensation and a new schedule for the deliveries on 31 March 2008, considering the new overall plans of the airline, with the deliveries to be made in 2011.[15][16][17] However, Airbus postponed the delivery of the first A380 for the second time.

The first A380 was delivered in June 2012 and features all-new livery to highlight the airline's 'wau' kite design element.[18] The first A380 commercial flight commenced on 1 July 2012 flying from Kuala Lumpur to London, with Kuala Lumpur - Sydney flights following on 25 September 2012.[19] The airline completed deliveries of all six A380s in March 2013 with the youngest of these, registered 9M-MNF, being the 100th A380 ever produced worldwide.[20]

The A380 has 8 seats in first class at the front of the lower deck, 66 business class seats on the upper deck and a total of 420 economy seats across both decks, with 350 on the lower deck and 70 upstairs.[21] Children under 12 will not be allowed to travel in the upper deck economy cabin.[22] Malaysia Airlines originally wanted to introduce Premium Economy class into the A380, but ended up with more Economy Class seats as a result.

On 30 April 2015, it was announced that Malaysia Airlines would seek to sell or lease out all six of its Airbus A380s due to its ongoing financial crisis.[23][24] But Malaysia Airlines new CEO Christoph Mueller announces that it's too early to sell out the fleets. In May 2015, Mueller announced that Malaysia Airlines would continue to use four A380 aircraft on its London route (MH 1-4), with the remaining aircraft being use for chartered flights to Madinah.

In August 2016, Peter Bellew, the airline's new CEO, announced that one A380 was retrofitted with new Economy Plus seating, but ticketing will only begin when all A380s have been retrofitted. Economy Plus is essentially the same seat as the existing Economy Class, albeit with more legroom (38" vs 32"). Catering and services remain the same as Economy Class. Economy Plus will also be fitted on board the yet-to-be-delivered A350-900s.

Boeing 737-800[edit]

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800.

Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 737-800 aircraft fly to regional South-East Asia and domestic destinations. The 737-800 order was announced at the Farnborough Air Show on 16 July 2008. In February 2009, Malaysia Airlines already received two leased 737-800s, and another one in March.

Malaysia Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 737-800 on 1 November 2010. New Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be painted in new Malaysia Airlines livery and will be equipped with Boeing Sky Interior and new blue seats for Golden Club Class and red seats for Economy class.

Aircraft registered 9M-MX* and some of 9M-MS* are owned by Malaysia Airlines plus equipped with PTV in every seat, while 9M-ML* and 9M-FF* are leased from lessor. 9M-MLM, 9M-MLP and 9M-MLV are equipped with PTV in every seat. The airline has announced announced that they will be reducing the amount of 737's to 45 by 2016 as the 11 737 without sky interior are to be retired.

Boeing 737 MAX[edit]

On 27 July 2016, Malaysia Airlines has announced the purchase of 25 Boeing 737 MAX jets, consisting of 25 firm orders and 25 option for both MAX 8 and MAX 9 models. The order, priced around 5.5 billion dollars, is expected to commence on 2019, replacing some of the B737-800 currently in service.[25]

Historical fleet[edit]

List of aircraft that Malaysia Airlines and its predecessor companies have flown in the past.[26]

Malaysia Airlines Retired Fleet
Aircraft Total Exit From Service Notes
Airbus A300B4 6 July 1995 1 leased from Air France while another one leased from Scandinavian Airlines.
Airbus A310-300 1 October 1990 Leased for a short period from Royal Jordanian.
Airbus A330-200 5 December 2012 Replaced by newer A330-300.
Airbus A330-300 13 (1 Written Off) March 2013 9M-MKB was written off in 2000 after a chemical leak was discovered in the cargo hold of the aircraft, rendering it damaged beyond repair.[27]
All replaced by newer A330-300.
Boeing 707 10 December 1980 Replaced by A300.
Boeing 737-100 5 September 1972 Malaysia Singapore Airlines (MSA) fleet.
Transferred to Singapore Airlines on Oct 1st,1972.
Boeing 737-200 23 1994 Replaced by Boeing 737-400/500 series. One crashed in 1977.
Boeing 737-300F 2 Converted as Freighters for MASKargo.
Boeing 737-400 46 June 2014
Boeing 737-500 9 October 2000 All 737-500 fleet were decommissioned.
Boeing 737-700 BBJ 1 June 2003 Handed over to Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).
Registration :9M-BBJ.
Boeing 737-800 4 2 leased from Travel Service including OK-TVC.
Boeing 747-100 1 The only 747-100 in Malaysia Airlines fleet.
Boeing 747-200 20 October 2005 Some converted for MASKargo.
Boeing 747-300 1 April 2002 The only 747-300 in Malaysia Airlines fleet.
Boeing 747-400 20 2012 Currently stored, two examples 9M-MPB and 9M-MPD were painted in a bright red 'Hibiscus' livery and had the words 'An experience redefined' as well.
Repainted back to original livery in 2008.
Boeing 777-200ER 17 (2 Written off) March 23, 2016 9M-MRK and 9M-MRI were scrapped by GA Telesis.
9M-MRO went missing on 8 March 2014 operating Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
9M-MRD (painted in a Heliconia blue livery with the words 'Freedom of space' from 2005 until 2008) was written off after being shot down over eastern Ukraine operating as Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
Malaysia Airlines retired the last 777-200 and ends the 777 operation after 19 years in service.
Many 777's have been sold to different airlines and some are being stored at MAS Hangar 006 at KLIA.[28][29]
Bristol Britannia 9 1963 Malayan Airways leased from BOAC 1961-1963
Britten Norman Islander 4 Replacing the Twin Pioneer aircraft for rural air services in Sabah & Sarawak.
Later It was replaced with Twin Otters.
de Havilland Comet 7 November 1969 5 operated by Malaysian Airways/Malaysia-Singapore Airlines 1965-1969.
2 leased to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines from BOAC 1967-1969.
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Operated by MAL under Federated Air Service (FAS).
De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 7 August 2006 All retired.
Fokker F27 20 Replaced by Fokker 50.
Fokker 50 12 August 2006 Retired from active duty on 25 April 2010.
One crashed while operating as MH2133.
Douglas DC-3 ex-Borneo Airways fleet were added to current MAL DC-3 fleet upon the absorption of Borneo Airways in 1965.
Douglas DC-4 ex-Borneo Airways fleet.
Lockheed Super Constellation Malayan Airways fleet.
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 7 March 2000 1 leased from World Airways.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 6 March 2000 All leased from World Airways - 3 passengers aircraft, 2 Convertible Freighters, and 1 freighter (the last three for MASkargo).
Twin Pioneers 2 Ex-Borneo Airways fleet,after the absorption of Borneo Airways into Malaysian Airways.
Vickers Viscount 2 September 1963 Used for Malayan Airways (Former name of Malaysia Airlines) from 1959-1963.


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