Malaysia Federal Route 120

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Federal Route 120
Jalan Makam Mahsuri
Route information
Length 1.6 km (1.0 mi)
Major junctions
Southwest end Jkr-ft118.png Jalan Mata Ayer near
Gamat factory
  Jkr-ft118.png Jalan Mata Ayer
North end Ulu Melaka
Jkr-ft112.png Langkawi Ring Road
Kampung Mawat
Makam Mahsuri complex
Kampung Baru Teluk
Highway system

Federal Route 120, or Jalan Makam Mahsuri, is a major federal road in Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. It is also a main route to Makam Mahsuri.[1]


At most sections, the Federal Route 120 was built under the JKR R5 road standard, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 90 km/h.

List of junctions and town[edit]

Km Exit Junctions To Remarks
Jkr-ft118.png Jalan Mata Ayer Jkr-ft118.png Jalan Mata Ayer

Jkr-ft157.png Simpang Kenyum
Jkr-ft168.png Padang Matsirat
Jkr-ft112.png Ulu Melaka
Jkr-ft112.png Ayer Hangat
Jkr-ft165.png Langkawi International Airport Airport (malaysia).jpg

Jkr-ft118.png Mata Ayer
Jkr-ft112.png Kuah
Gamat Oil Medicine (Ubat Minyak Gamat) Factory Gamat Oil Medicine (Ubat Minyak Gamat) Factory
Visitors centre
Gamat shops
Parking (malaysia).jpg
Kampung Mawat
Makam Mahsuri
(Mahsuri Mausoleum)
Makam Mahsuri Complex Makam Mahsuri Complex
Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri Mausoleum)
Perigi Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Well)
Traditional Malay House
Traditional Malay Kuih
Souvenir Shops
Parking (malaysia).jpg Information centre (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg
Makam Mahsuri
(Mahsuri Mausoleum)
Kampung Baru Teluk
Ulu Melaka
Jkr-ft112.png Langkawi Ring Road
Jkr-ft112.png Langkawi Ring Road

Jkr-ft112.png Padang Gaong
Jkr-ft112.png Air Hangat
Jkr-ft111.png Tanjung Rhu

Jkr-ft114.png Padang Matsirat
Jkr-ft168.png Langkawi International Airport Airport (malaysia).jpg


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