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Federal Route 77
Jalan Kroh
Route information
Length: 6.1 km (3.8 mi)
Major junctions
North end: Keroh
  Jkr-ft76.png Federal Route 76
1157 (1157) Jalan Lepang Nering
4106 Pattani-Betong Highway (Thailand)
South end: Pengkalan Hulu
Betong, Thailand
Highway system

Federal Route 77, or Jalan Kroh, is a federal road in Perak, Malaysia. The roads connects Pengkalan Hulu town until Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint of the Malaysia-Thailand Border.[1] It is a main route to Betong, the southern gateway of Thailand.

Route background[edit]

The Kilometre Zero of the Federal Route 77 starts at the Malaysia-Thailand border near Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint, Perak.


This road has a notable history especially during World War II and the Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–89).

Battle of Malaya (1941-1942)[edit]

The Federal Route 77 became a main route for Japanese Imperial forces from Pattani to Singapore during the Battle of Malaya between 1941 and 1942.

Main article: Operation Krohcol

Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–1989)[edit]

On 17 June 1968, to mark the 20th anniversary of their armed struggle against the Malaysian Government, the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) launched an ambush against security forces in the area of Kroh–Betong road not far between Pengkalan Hulu town and Malaysia-Thailand border. They achieved a major success, killing 17 members of the security forces. This event marked the start of the second armed revolt of the Communist Party of Malaya known as Communist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–89). The Federal Route 77 was put under strict security control by Malaysian army. Motorists were allowed to use the road at daytime only due to security reasons. The military control of the road was lifted after the insurgency ended in 1989.


At most sections, the Federal Route 77 was built under the JKR R5 road standard, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 90 km/h.

List of junctions and towns[edit]

Km Exit Junctions To Remarks
6.1 Pengkalan Hulu West
Jkr-ft76.png Baling
Jkr-ft--.png Sik
Jkr-ft67.png Kulim
Jkr-ft67.png Sungai Petani

Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Tasek
Kampung Baru Tasek

Jkr-ft76.png Gerik
Jkr-ft4.png Kota Bharu
Jkr-ft76.png Lenggong
Jkr-ft76.png Kuala Kangsar
Pengkalan Hulu
Pengkalan Hulu
Taman Bersatu
Pengkalan Hulu
Taman Sri Jaya
Pengkalan Hulu, Gerbang Utara Perak
(The Northern Gateway of Perak)
Taman Kroh Indah
Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) Hulu Perak, Pengkalan Hulu Sub-District Branch Office Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) Hulu Perak, Pengkalan Hulu Sub-District Branch Office
Taman Bukit Riah
Sungai Keroh bridge
Jalan Kuak Luar West
Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Kuak Luar
Kampung Kuak Luar
Sungai Kuak bridge
Kampung Bukit Serdang
Ayer Panas East
1157 (1157) Jalan Lepang Nering
1157 (1157) Gerik
Anti-Smuggling Unit (UPP) checkpoint
Operation Krohcol battle site Historical site
Kroh-Betong insurgency battle site Historical site
R&R blue.png Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint Rest and Service Area R&R blue.png Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint Rest and Service Area
Parking (malaysia).jpg Toilet (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Buah.png Surau (malaysia).jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Recreation (malaysia).jpg
Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint
Aiga immigration inv.svgImmigration
Aiga immigration inv.svgImmigration
Pengkalan Hulu Checkpoint Custom Complex
Parking (malaysia).jpg Zon Duty Free Shopping Complex Parking (malaysia).jpg Zon Duty Free Shopping Complex
Parking (malaysia).jpg Toilet (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Money changer.jpg Surau (malaysia).jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg ATM (malaysia).jpg Information centre (malaysia).jpg
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Hulu Perak district border
Pengkalan Hulu sub-district border

(Time Zone: UTC+08:00 (Malaysia Standard Time))
ASEAN Malaysia-Thailand Border
Yala Province

(Time Zone: UTC+07:00 (Thailand Standard Time))
Thailand ประเทศไทย Thailand

Betong Checkpoint

4106 ทางหลวงแผ่นดินสายปัตตานี-เบตง Pattani-Betong Highway
4106 เบตง Betong
4106 ยะลา Yala
4106 ปัตตานี Pattani


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