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Malaysian Premier League
Liga Premier.jpg
Country Malaysia Malaysia
Confederation AFC
Founded 2004; 11 years ago (2004)
Divisions 2
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Malaysia Super League
Relegation to Malaysia FAM League
Domestic cup(s) Malaysia Cup
Malaysia FA Cup
Current champions Kedah
Most championships Kedah
(4 title)
TV partners Astro Arena
Media Prima
Website Official Website
2015 Malaysia Premier League

The Malaysia Premier League (Liga Premier Malaysia) is the second-tier football league in Malaysia. The league was previously called the TM Malaysia Premier League and Astro Malaysia Premier League because of the sponsorship from Telekom Malaysia and Astro respectively.


Between 1998 to 2003, the second-tier league existed as the Malaysia Premier Two League, below the top-flight Malaysia Premier One League. In 2004, it was relaunched as the Malaysia Premier League, and the top-tier league was renamed the Malaysia Super League.

Between 2004 and 2006, the professional football league in Malaysia was divided into three groups:

  1. First Division: Malaysia Super League
  2. Second Division: Malaysia Premier League Group A
  3. Second Division: Malaysia Premier League Group B

At the end of the season, the top team from each group of the Premier League was promoted to the Malaysia Super League. The teams which finished bottom of each group were relegated to the National League Malaysia. The two group champions also faced-off to determine the Malaysia Premier League Championship.

For the 2006-07 season, the Malaysia Premier League was reorganised into a single league of 11 teams instead of being a competition involving two separate groups of teams.

In 2010, The Football Association of Malaysia released a new logo for the 2011 season, followed by another new logo made from the league sponsor, Astro for the 2012 season.[1]

Logo evolution[edit]

The first ever Premier League Logo which has been used for the first ever 2004 Premier League Malaysia until the 2010 season.
The 2011 Premier League Logo which has been used for the 2011 Malaysia Premier League Season.
The logo used from the 2012 Malaysia Premier League season until 2014.

Prize money[edit]

These were price money for the 2012 competition.[2]

  • RM 300,000 for the league champion
  • RM 150,000 for the second place
  • RM 75,000 for third place

However FAM's Malaysia National under 21 team, the Harimau Muda were not given the prize money. The money were kept by the organiser (FAM). But for the 2010s league, Harimau Muda B will keep their prize money (unlike their brother last year).


Season Champions Runners-up
2004 Selangor MPPJ FC Malacca TMFC
2005 Selangor Selangor Negeri Sembilan Negeri Sembilan FA
2005–06 Kedah Kedah Malacca Malacca
2006–07 Malaysia PDRM Kuala Lumpur MyTeam
2007–08 Kedah KM Naza Kuala Lumpur PLUS FC
2009 Malaysia Harimau Muda A Terengganu T-Team
2010 Kuala Lumpur FELDA United Sabah Sabah
2011 Selangor PKNS Sarawak Sarawak
2012 Malaysia ATM Pahang Pahang
2013 Sarawak Sarawak Kuala Lumpur Sime Darby
2014 Malaysia PDRM Kuala Lumpur FELDA United
2015 Kedah Kedah Penang Penang


Pre-2004 Malaysian football league second-tier champions[edit]

Year Champions
1982–88 no second-tier league
1989 Division 2: Perlis Perlis
1990 Division 2: Terengganu Terengganu
1991 Division 2: Negeri Sembilan N.Sembilan
1992 Division 2: Kedah Kedah
1993 Division 2: Selangor Selangor
1994–97 no second-tier league
1998 Premier 2: Terengganu Terengganu
1999 Premier 2: Johor Johor
2000 Premier 2: Kelantan Kelantan
2001 Premier 2: Johor Johor FC
2002 Premier 2: Kedah Kedah
2003 Premier 2: Selangor Public Bank

Best performing teams[edit]

# Club Titles
1 Kedah Kedah 4
2 Selangor Selangor 2
3 Terengganu Terengganu 2
4 Malaysia PDRM 2
5 Johor Johor 1
6 Perlis Perlis 1
7 Negeri Sembilan N.Sembilan 1
8 Selangor MPPJ FC 1
9 Kelantan Kelantan 1
10 Johor Johor FC 1
11 Selangor Public Bank 1
12 Kedah KM Naza 1
13 Malaysia Harimau Muda A 1
14 Kuala Lumpur FELDA United 1
15 Selangor PKNS FC 1
16 Malaysia ATM 1
17 Sarawak Sarawak 1

Great Honours[edit]

Great honours are titled for the team who won 2 trophies (double) and 3 trophies (treble) in the same season. It covers Malaysia Premier League, Malaysia FA Cup and Malaysia Cup.


Year Teams Titles
2005 Selangor Malaysia Premier League, Malaysia FA Cup & Malaysia Cup


Golden Boot Winners[edit]

Season Players Teams/Clubs Goals
1989 Thailand Praduphan Jarunya Perlis Perlis 13
1990 Malaysia Mohd Hashim Mustapha
Thailand Boonphop Praphut
Kelantan Kelantan 13
1991 Australia Marshall Soper Penang Penang FA 11
1992 Poland Dariusz Dudala Kelantan Kelantan 9
1993 Australia Alistair Edwards Singapore Singapore FA
1998 Ghana Seidu Issifu Terengganu Terengganu FA 8
1999 Malaysia Rusdi Suparman Selangor Selangor FA 15
2000 Malaysia Anuar Abu Bakar Kelantan Kelantan FA 12
2001 Malaysia Suharmin Yusuf
Malaysia Shahrin Abdul Majid
Sabah Sabah FA 12
2002 Ghana Issac Kuffour Malacca TM FC 22
2003 Argentina Juan Manuel Arostegui Selangor MPPJ FC 33
2004 Argentina Brian Diego Fuentes Selangor Selangor FA 25
2005 Indonesia Bambang Pamungkas Selangor Selangor FA 23
2006 Argentina Gustavo Fuentes Malacca Malacca FA 18
2007 Croatia Marin Mikac Selangor UPB MyTeam FC 13
2008 Senegal Mohamed Moustapha N'diaye Kelantan Kelantan FA 27
2009 Malaysia Mohd Haris Safwan Mohd Kamal Terengganu T-Team 24
2010 Malaysia Mohammad Zamri Hassan Selangor PKNS FC 11
2011 Malaysia Mohd Fitri Omar Johor Muar FC 16
2012 Malaysia Khairul Izuan Abdullah Malaysia PDRM FA 27
2013 Croatia Karlo Primorac Federal Territory (Malaysia) Sime Darby FC 24
2014 Republic of Ireland Billy Mehmet Kedah Kedah FA 23

Foreign players[edit]

The professionalism of some teams have also been questioned. Most teams view foreign players as a necessity and as a result, most teams usually fill up their rosters with unknown foreigners. Teams usually sign foreigners based on their performances in pre-season trials. It is not uncommon for foreign players to be released after just two or three matches or be kept on the sidelines for an entire season.

The last case of unprofessional conduct involved Ivan Ziga, a Slovakian player who plays for Sarawak FA. Ivan Ziga claims his contract was terminated nine-months early without any explanation. He also claimed he was not paid. He took his plight to the Football Association of Malaysia but received no reply until Ivan Ziga threatened to take the case to FIFA.

Ivan Ziga's case is not uncommon in Malaysia, with most other cases involving African players who are either not paid or left stranded when their contracts are terminated early without any proper explanation given by teams.

Foreign players are to come back to the league starting from the 2012 season onwards. All foreign players must obtain International Transfer Certificate from their previous national football/soccer governing body that their previous clubs affiliated before they can be register with FAM to plays in Malaysia Premier League.

The early editions of Division 2 League, M-League, Premier 2 League and Malaysia Premier League used the same format for foreign players as the previous edition of second layer league in Malaysia, which allows club to have three foreign players from any countries without further restrictions. Further up, clubs can employ as many as four foreign players and only three of them are allowed to play together in a match.

Guidelines exist on the hiring of "Foreign Players".

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