Malaysian Civil Defence Department

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Malaysian Civil Defence Department
Agency overview
Formed 1939
Headquarters Malaysian Civil Defence Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Padang Tembak Road, 50556 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Motto Sedia, Pantas, Berintegriti
Parent agency Ministry of Home Affairs (Malaysia)

The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (Malay: Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia) or popularly known as JPAM (formerly JPA3) is the civil defence services agency in Malaysia.



1939 - Civil Defence activities in Malaysia was initiated by the British formed Passive Defence Emergency Regulation Enactment under Chapter 41 to provide measures - measures to mitigate the Second World war. 1951 - The Civil Defence Ordinance, 1951 was officially enacted as a law - law in Malaya security system. 1952 - Civil Defence Department was established on 24 March officially for carrying out the provisions of the Ordinance.


1957 - The Civil Defence Ordinance, 1951 converted into the Civil Defence Act 1951 (Act 221) the independence of the state. 1958 - Civil defence became permanent and important element in national defence system in accordance with the Ninth Schedule Federal Constitution. 1964 - Civil Defence is extended to Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore following the confrontation of Malaysia - Indonesia (Cabinet Paper No. 302/314/64) 1965 - Total membership increased to 36,000 members with 37 branches in addition to new logistics equipment at that time available for the whole country. 1970 - Staffing deployment throughout the country made in accordance with the provisions of the National Service Act 1952 to the floods which swept across the country. 1972 - Civil Defence Act 1951 was amended to perform the duties and role in peace to carry out disaster relief services in addition to her main task facing the war. 1993 - Highland Tower tragedy in Hulu Kelang collapse began transforming the Civil Defence organisation in Malaysia.

Development Era[edit]

1994 - Introduction of JPA 3 nickname first used and accepted throughout the country to distinguish with the Department of Public Service and the Department of Civil Aviation. 1995 - 991 Emergency Hotline was launched on 20 May as a sign of commitment to the Civil Defence Department provide 24-hour emergency assistance. 1996 - Department of Civil Defence Development Plan designed to fully equip all the logistics and infrastructure requirements in the rescue movement. 2000 - All state capital across the country and six branch offices have implemented online services 991. 2000 - Physical Project Development Plan projects implemented by seven Central and State Civil Defence is placing 7th District, including two new training center project. 2001 - A total of seven Civil Defence Centre project at state and district approved for implementation in the RMK 8 to all state capitals across the peninsula will have complex administrative, operational and training themselves. 2004 - Motto 'Selangkah Kehadapan' was introduced as the Civil Defence Department staff's commitment to give 'Delivery Service' best to the public in accordance with the increase in staffing in the department. 2006 - Introduced the slogan "Ready, Fast and Integrity" as a catalyst for the Civil Defence Department into a department of excellence. 2008 - Introduction nickname JPA 3 to JPAM was launched by the Director General of Civil Defence himself in March during the Civil Defence Day celebration held in Ipoh. 2008 - The Malaysian Government has introduced the 'One Country One Number' as the 999-line call center to consolidate the emergency lines that the Royal Malaysia Police, the Ministry of Health, Fire and Rescue Department and Civil Defence Department Malaysia.

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