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Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress
Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia
Abbreviation KIMMA
President Syed Ibrahim Kader
Secretary-General Hussein Bin Jamal Mahamad
Spokesperson Mohd Rapheal Bin Zakarudin
Deputy President Harrisrajudin Alaudin
Youth Chief Mohd Hafeez
Wanita Chief Fatimah Zainuddin
Puteri Chief Rohaini Syed Ibrahim
Founded 24 October 1976
Legalised 1976
Headquarters 77-A, Tingkat 1, Medan Sri Bunus, Off Jln Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Youth wing Pergerakan Pemuda KIMMA
Women's wing Pergerakan Wanita KIMMA
Women's youth wing Pergerakan Puteri KIMMA
Membership 285,786
Ideology Islamism
Political position Centre-right to Right-wing
Religion Sunni Islam
National affiliation Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU) (1990–96)
Gagasan Rakyat (GR) (1990–96)
United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) (2010-present)
Colours Green, white, red, yellow
Dewan Negara:
1 / 70
Dewan Rakyat:
0 / 222
Dewan Undangan Negeri:
0 / 587
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The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (MIMC; Malay: Kongres India Muslim Malaysia, KIMMA) is a political party formed on 24 October 1976 to represent the interests of the minority Indian Muslim community in Malaysia. KIMMA was deregistered twice ever in 1978 and 1998 before it was successfully registered back.[1] Majority members of KIMMA are Indian Muslim.

Political Affiliation[edit]

KIMMA had joined the opposition political parties coalitions Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU) and Gagasan Rakyat (GR) simultaneously before from 1990 to 1996. KIMMA somehow changed its direction after that and declared that it have wish to join Barisan Nasional (BN) since 1984. Due to the coalition constitution which stated all new application will have to be agreed unanimously by all the component parties, it faced the obstacles especially from Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) as there may be double-membership in the parties. KIMMA application gets a big objection from MIC.[2] The concern and doubt over the status of Malaysian Indian Muslim as Non-Malay and Non-Bumiputra which are also obstacles and objections that have made KIMMA willing to passed the motion to demand the Malay status for its community and to apply for KIMMA to be accepted as an associated member of UMNO.[3][4]

Leadership Crisis[edit]

In 2008, KIMMA went through a leadership crisis when its earlier sacked deputy president, Amir Amsa Alla Pitchay by it president Dato' Syed Ibrahim B. Kader, claimed himself is the president and suggested the merger of KIMMA with People's Progressive Party (PPP), another BN component party.[5]

In 2009 once again the internal crisis saw KIMMA faced with problem of 2 presidents after the validity of the 33th Annual General Meeting was in doubt and Federal Territory KIMMA president, Mohd Fazil William Abdullah was sacked.[6][7][8]

UMNO Associate Member[edit]

The application of KIMMA to be the associate member of UMNO at last was approved by the Supreme Council of UMNO on 27 Ogos 2010. With this approval, KIMMA now enjoy the Obserser Status in all the UMNO Division and Annual General Meeting but are not allowed to be involved in the party matters.[9]


  • President
    • Syed Ibrahim Kader
  • Deputy President
    • Mohammed Mosin Abdul Razak
  • Vice Presidents
    • Abdul Wahith Sharfuddin
    • Amir Hamzah Abdul Rajak
    • Mohammad Raffi Beran
  • Secretary-General
    • Anuar Sadad Mohamed Mustafa
  • Deputy Secretary General
    • Hussein Jamal Mahamad
  • Treasurer
    • Jeyalaldeen Mohideen
  • Youth Chief
    • Harrisrajudin Alaudin
  • Women Chief
    • Fatimah Zainuddin
  • Puteri Chief
    • Rohaini Syed Ibrahim
  • Information Chief
    • Ismail Abdul Rashid

Elected representatives[edit]

Dewan Negara (Senate)[edit]


  1. Syed Ibrahim Kader – appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong


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