Máel Coluim, Earl of Angus

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Máel Coluim, Earl of Angus, ruled roughly 1214–1240, was mormaer of Angus, and the last of his family in the male line with title over that province.

He married Mary, daughter and heiress of Humphrey de Berkeley. They had one son, Richard, and a daughter, Matilda, who married three times:

  1. John Comyn (died 1242)
  2. Gilbert de Umfraville, Baron of Prudhoe, Northumberland, and
  3. Richard de Dover, Baron of Chilham, Kent and a grandson of King John of England (Dover died between 1247 and 1261), with issue.

When Máel Coluim died without a living male heir c. 1240 the mormaership passed to his daughter, through whom her husbands held title.


Preceded by
Mormaer of Angus
Succeeded by
Matilda m. John Comyn (d. 1242); m. Gilbert de Umfraville