Maldivian constitutional referendum, 1968

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A constitutional referendum was held in the Maldives on 15 March 1968. The main question was whether to convert the state from a constitutional monarchy under Sultan Muhammad Fareed Didi, to a presidential system. The referendum was the third on the subject; the first in 1952 had seen the state convert to a presidential system, whilst a second in 1953 reversed the decision and saw the monarchy restored in 1954.

The proposals were approved by over 80% of voters,[1] and a republic was declared on 11 November that year. Prime Minister Ibrahim Nasir becoming president.


Choice Votes %
Monarchy 8,551 18.77
Republic 36,997 81.23
Invalid/blank votes 244
Total 45,792 100
Registered voters/turnout 49,056 93.35
Source: Utheemu