Maldivian constitutional referendum, 2007

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A constitutional referendum was held in the Maldives on 18 August 2007 to decide on whether the country should have a presidential system or a parliamentary system. President of the Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom supported a presidential system while the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party favored a parliamentary system.[1]

Official results showed the presidential system winning over 60% support. Gayoom called the result a "massive endorsement" and confirmed that he would be a candidate in the 2008 presidential election. The opposition alleged that the referendum was rigged.[1]


Choice Votes %
Presidential system 95,619 62.04
Parliamentary system 58,504 37.96
Invalid/blank votes 1,767
Total 155,890 100
Registered voters/turnout 199,841 78.01


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