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Male bra – also known as a compression bra, compression vest, or gynecomastia vest – refers to brassieres that are worn by men. Men sometimes develop breasts[1][2] and the estimates of those with the condition are presented as a range "because the definition of gynecomastia varies and the method of surveying varies."[3] Although there are options for treating gynecomastia,[4] some elect surgery to reduce their breasts or wear a male bra.[1] Male bras typically flatten rather than lift.[5]

Men who choose to wear a brassiere may broadly be divided into two categories, depending on whether the brassiere is worn primarily for utilitarian purposes, or as a part of cross-dressing. Some men who have large breasts as a result of obesity or gynecomastia may choose to wear a brassiere to provide support for their breasts and to flatten their appearance. Other men wear bras for cross-dressing, for sexual purposes such as transvestic fetishism or feminization, or as a form of submission to their partner.[6] Petticoat discipline may also involve male bra wear.[7] Additionally, some male athletes – more specifically runners – may choose to wear a sports bra under their shirts in order to prevent a common medical condition called jogger's nipple, also known as nipple chafing. This condition is caused by excessive rubbing of wet sweat-soaked material over one's nipples. The condition, often very painful, can be prevented by wearing a sports bra.[8][9]

Although some bras for men have been developed, they often differ only superficially from their female counterparts.[10][11] There is sometimes no medical necessity for men to wear bras, and the same considerations for and against apply regardless of gender.[12]

In popular culture[edit]

  • An episode of the TV sitcom Seinfeld, titled "The Doorman", had the character Kramer invent a male bra, which he called a "bro," for Frank Costanza, who was said to have very large breasts. Frank initially decided to market the invention, but disagreed on the name, instead wanting to call it a "Manssiere," a play on the term "brassiere".
  • An episode of the American animated television sitcom Napoleon Dynamite titled "FFA", featured Napoleon revealing that he is wearing a "men's action bra" in a cutaway in which he competes in a 'speed milking' contest.

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