Malek Maktabi

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Malek Maktabi
Born Malek Maktabi
Occupation Journalist, Presenter
Notable credit(s) Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid
Spouse(s) Nayla Tueni (2009–)
Children 3

Malek Maktabi, also known as Malik Maktaby, is a television presenter. He hosts Ahmar Bil Khatt Al Aarid (Red in Boldface), a talk show which runs on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) TV network. He is the husband of politician and newspaper heiress Nayla Tueni.[1]

Maktabi has a Ph.D in international affairs and diplomacy. In early 2009, he hosted the Miss Lebanon 2009 pageant on LBC, and appeared with Marcel Ghanem on the talk show Kalam El Nass, also on LBC.[1]

Maktabi married Tueni, daughter of assassinated Gebran Tueni,[2] in mid-2009 in a civil ceremony in Cyprus.


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