Malekeh Jahan

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Malekeh Jahan
Shir & Khorshid1.svg Queen Consort of Persia
Malekeh Jahan 1.jpg
Born 1875[1]
Tehran, Persia
Died 1947 (aged 71–72)
Sanremo, Italy
Spouse Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar
Issue Gholam Hossein Mirza
Ahmad Shah Qajar
Mohammad Hassan Mirza
Sultan Mahmoud Mirza
Sultan Majid Mirza
Khadijeh Khanum
Assieh Khanum
Full name
Malekeh Jahan
Dynasty Qajar
Father Kamran Mirza Nayeb es-Saltaneh
Mother Sorour ed-Dowleh
Religion Shia Islam
Malekeh Jahan with her children

Malekeh-Jahan (Persian: ملکه جهان‎‎; 1875–1947) was the queen consort and cousin of Mohammad Ali Shah, and a member of the Qajar dynasty. Jahan is the daughter of Prince Kamran Mirza Nayeb es-Saltaneh and mother of Ahmad Shah Qajar. When she became queen, she naturally was called Queen Jahan. However, Queen Jahan also can be interpreted as Malekeh-ye Jahan or "Queen of the World."[2]

After the death of Mohammad Ali Shah she kept the family together in exile in Europe.

She has also written "Borhan-ol-Iman" (means reason of faith) which contains some supplications and praying notes.[3]


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