Malevolent (film)

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Malevolent: The Animated Horror Movie
Directed byJason Axinn
Produced by
Written byTanya C. Klein, Jim Cirile

Malevolent is an upcoming animated horror film written by Tanya C. Klein and Jim Cirile of Coverage, Ink. Directed by Jason Axinn.


Sole survivor of a brutal attack that destroyed her brothers and sister, Miriam Dekalb is given a chance to re-live that night from the beginning, armed with foreknowledge of the events. Of course, there's always the chance that Miriam is insane and murdered everyone herself.



William Shatner was confirmed to have joined the cast on October 14, 2015.[1]

Malevolent was 114% funded on Indiegogo on March 18, 2016, with the total amount raised being $52,713.[2]

As the film hit its goal on Indiegogo, production is now underway.[3] Production was completed in late 2016.[4] The film has already been in production for over one year.[5] [6]


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