Malgudi Days (TV series)

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Malgudi Days
DVD Cover of Malgudi Days. Yellow background with a sketch of the Malgudi town square. The text at the top reads, "R.K. Narayan's Malgudi Days"; "Nobel Literature Prize nominee"; "Excellent cinema, and a moving human document - Indian Express". The text at the bottom reads, "English Episodes 1 to 13".
Created byR.K. Narayan
Directed byShankar Nag (39 episodes)
Kavitha Lankesh (15 episodes)
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes54
Running time22 minutes
Original networkDD National
Picture format480i

Malgudi Days is an Indian Hindi-language television series based on the eponymous works of R. K. Narayan. The series was directed by Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag. Carnatic musician L. Vaidyanathan composed the score. R. K Narayan's younger brother and acclaimed cartoonist R. K. Laxman was the sketch artist.[1] The series was made in 1986 by film producer T. S. Narasimhan with Anant Nag as the lead actor.[2]


The series is adapted from the collections of short stories written by R. K. Narayan in his book, Malgudi Days.


  • Master Manjunath as W. S. Swaminathan "Swami" (Episodes 1-8, 43) and Pundi (Episodes 39-40)
  • Girish Karnad as W. T. Srinivasan, Swami's father (Episodes 1-8) and Watchman (Episode 17)
  • Vaishali Kasaravalli as Swami's mother (Episodes 1-8, 43)
  • Suhasini Adarkar as Swami's grandmother (Episodes 1-8)
  • Kanti Madiya as Muniya "Muni" (Episode 42)
  • B. Jayashree as Muniya's wife (Episode 42) and Swami's grandmother (Episode 43)
  • Somu as Shopkeeper
  • Teddy White as Frank, tourist from New York, US (Episode 42)
  • Deven Bhojani as Nitya (Episode 22)
  • Harish Patel as Photographer (Episode 43) and Gopinath (Episode 53)
  • Anant Nag as Jagan (Episodes 9-16) and the Talkative Man (Episodes 24, 31, 33, 44-45 and 54)
  • Dada (Episodes 30 and 31)
  • Vishnuvardhan (Episode 49)
  • Shankar Nag as Venkatesh (Episodes 39-40)
  • Ramesh Bhat in various roles
  • Padmini Sirish
  • Rohit Srinath as Rajam (Episodes 1-8)
  • Raghuram Sitaram as Mani (Episodes 1-8, 43)
  • Chetan as Somashekar "Somu" (Episodes 1-8)
  • Arundathi Nag as Kamala (Episode 18)
  • Sunil Sadanand as Mali, Jagan's son (Episodes 12-16) and Iswaran (Episode 28)
  • Mandeep Rai as Narsimha, Jagan's cousin (Episodes 9-16) and in various roles (Episodes 27, 47)
  • Ashok Mandanna as Thanappa (Episode 29)
  • Kalpana Prakash in various roles (Episode 17, 29)
  • Dina Pathak as Ayah (Episode 41)
  • Jagadish Malnad as Sidda (Episode 18, 41)
  • Mico Chandru as Swamy's father (Episode 43)
  • Sampath Raj as Ekambaram (Episode 36)

Background and production[edit]

The series Malgudi Days, comprising thirty nine episodes, was first telecast on Doordarshan in 1987[citation needed]. Most of the series was shot in Agumbe village in Shimoga district, Karnataka.[3][4] Some episodes were filmed in Bengaluru and some others in Devarayanadurga located in Tumakuru district in Karnataka[5]. Episode 22, "Nitya", was shot entirely in Devarayanadurga.[6]

In 2004, the project was revived with filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh replacing Shankar Nag as director.[1] The new series was telecast from 26 April 2006 on Doordarshan.[7] Most of the stories in the series are one episode long and were derived from the books A Horse and Two Goats, Malgudi Days, Swami and Friends and The Vendor of Sweets.


Indian Railways decided to rename Arasalu Railway station of Shimoga District, India to Malgudi Railway station as homage to the location of Malgudi Days serial.[8]


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