Malgun Gothic

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맑은 고딕
Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Kyoung-bae Lee, Daekwon Kim
Foundry Sandoll Communications

Malgun Gothic (맑은 고딕) is a Korean sans-serif typeface developed by Sandoll Communications, with hinting by Monotype Imaging,[1] as a replacement of Dotum and Gulim as the default system font for the Korean language version of Windows Vista. It was first shipped with Windows Vista, being available to download later for Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP users.[2] The name "malgun" means "clear" in Korean, thus making a direct translation of the font's name "Clear Gothic."


The font uses Segoe UI for Latin text, while the Korean glyphs are created based on the typeface of Hunminjeongeum, and streamlined with modern form of characters as well as upright and well-regulated strokes. The font supports KS X 1001 character set, but unlike Dotum and Gulim, there are no Han ideographic glyphs (Windows will pull from the Gulim hanja set instead) initially, and the fonts don't include half-width fixed Latin glyphs. There are hanja designed for Malgun Gothic by ChinaType Design, Monotype Imaging Inc. and they were released when Windows 8 released. The glyphs aren't rounded at terminals.

Windows Vista includes two roman weights of the font.

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