Mali–Mauritania relations

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Malian - Mauritanian relations
Map indicating locations of Mali and Mauritania



Malian-Mauritanian relations relate to the interstate relations of Mali and Mauritania.


Since Mauritania negotiated a boundary dispute with Mali in 1963, ties between the two countries have been mostly cordial.[1] Mali and Mauritania have cooperated on several development projects, such as the OMVS and a plan to improve roads between Nouakchott and Bamako.[1] This cooperation somewhat lessened Mali's dependence on Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.[1] Although relations were warm with other African states, since 1965 the orientation of Mauritania's foreign policy has been geared towards relations with North African countries.[1]

Border crisis[edit]

Mauritanian and Malian relations arose in 2010, when French and Mauritanian forces launched a join military operation against AQIM fighters believe to be holding a French hostage on Malian soil without the consent of the Malian government. The operation was a failure and left 7 AQIM members and 2 Mauritian soldiers dead, with the hostage being executed. The operation was heavily criticized with it being considered to be an "unannounced declaration of war" against Mali[2]

Current status[edit]


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