Mali River

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Mali River
Native name Mali Hka
Country Myanmar
Physical characteristics
Main source Kachin Hills
River mouth Confluence with the N'Mai River
150 m (490 ft)
22°42′37″N 97°30′10″E / 22.71028°N 97.50278°E / 22.71028; 97.50278Coordinates: 22°42′37″N 97°30′10″E / 22.71028°N 97.50278°E / 22.71028; 97.50278
Length 320 kilometres (200 mi)
Basin features
River system Ayeyarwady

The Mali River (Mali Hka) is a river that originates in the hills of Kachin State, in the northern border of Myanmar. It flows approximately 320 km, when it meets with the N'Mai River and forms the Ayeyarwady River.


Construction of the Myitsone Dam has begun at the confluence of the Mali and the N'Mai River.[1]

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