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Malibu Rescue
Composer(s)Zack Ryan
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8 (plus 1 movie)
Executive producer(s)
Producer(s)Amy Sydorick
CinematographyKeith Dunkerley
Editor(s)Michael John Bateman
Running time75 minutes
Production company(s)
Original releaseMay 13, 2019 (2019-05-13) –

Malibu Rescue is a 2019 film starring Ricardo Hurtado, Breanna Yde, Jackie R. Jacobson, Abby Donnelly, Alkoya Brunson, Curtis Armstrong and Ian Ziering. It was released by Netflix on May 13, 2019.[1][2]

After the film's release, Netflix launched an eight-episode Malibu Rescue television series on June 3, 2019.[1]


After getting in trouble one too many times, Tyler's stepfather punishes him by sending him to the Malibu Junior Rescue Program where he meets a ragtag group of kids from the Valley. Together, the group sets to prove that they deserve to participate in the program along with all the other kids from Malibu. When the program director, Gavin Cross, reveals that he only let Tyler and the rest of the Flounders into the program so that they would fail and he wouldn't have to take kids from the Valley anymore, Tyler and the Flounders come together as a team to win a big lifeguard competition and earn their own tower for the summer.




  • Curtis Armstrong as Mr. Rathbone
  • Ian Ziering as Gavin Cross
  • JT Neal as Brody
  • Jeremy Howard as Vooch
  • Bryana Salaz as Logan
  • Jeff Meacham as Roger
  • Ella Gross as Sasha
  • Catia Ojeda as Diane
  • Treisa Gary as Officer Wagstaff
  • Camaron Engels as Spencer
  • Michael Mourra as Jeffy
  • Austin Fryberger as Craig
  • Molly Haldeman as Jeffy's Mom
  • Rodney J. Hobbs as The Mayor
  • Mary Passeri as Lizzie's Mom


Special (2019)[edit]

TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
"Malibu Rescue – The Movie"Savage Steve HollandJed Elinoff & Scott Thomas (Story By: Savage Steve Holland & Scott McAboy)May 13, 2019 (2019-05-13)

Season 1 (2019)[edit]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date [3]
1"Fresh Off the Bus"Savage Steve HollandJed Elinoff & Scott ThomasJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
The team begin their first day as part of the Malibu Rescue program but it is not what they are expecting. The team's rival, Brody is tasked with giving each team their assignments and gives the team the worst jobs such as cleaning duty, scooping dog poop off the beach and sanitizing used beach items. Brody reveals that he gives them the hard and disgusting jobs because they are kids from the valley and he doesn't think that they deserve the kinds of jobs other teams have. Tyler comes up with a plan to prank him but his team convinces him not to go through with it. However, when Tyler attempts to back out of the prank he unknowingly traps Brody which ends up with Brody being stuck in a net and trapped near a cliff moments of getting hurt. In the end, Dylan saves him while making Brody promise to stop giving them all of the bad assignments.
2"Escape from Party Beach"Savage Steve HollandJim MartinJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
Although the team are getting the hang of the rescue program, they aren't getting a good reputation. The members of the other team especially Brody's still refuse to accept them as part of the program as well as Gavin who receives a bad review about them. When they try to do nice things, they make the situation worse. The team decide to throw a beach party with the help of Vooch who has plenty of party equipment. Meanwhile, Eric tries to teach Gina how to be nice with a series of obstacles and tests. She successfully learns how to be nice. When they come to the beach party, things get out of hand fast which ends up with Gina immediately enforcing the rules and saving someone's life in the process. They slowly start to get accepted by other teams and the bad review wasn't about them. It was about a person from a different team.
3"The Splash and the Furious"Scott McAboyAnthony C. HillJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
Thornton Pavey, a guy that Gavin absolutely hates pays a visit to the rescue program. Despite Gavin's protests he donates a bunch of jet skis to the program as a gift. Gavin then creates a sea patrol but in order for a person to try out they must have a signed permission slip. Lizzie's overprotective mother does not sign but everyone else gets theirs in. Because Eric likes Lizzie, he lies and says his parents didn't sign either. Eager to get on the jet ski, Tyler and Gina take one out for a joy ride without the knowledge of Dylan or how to work it and ignoring Dylan when she tries to explain it to them. They end up stuck on a beach but do figure out a way to make it back in time for the races. Lizzie poses as Eric during the race and gets a spot on the sea patrol. In order to keep that spot, she forges her mother's signature on a permission slip and hands it in.
4"Sand and Deliver"Scott McAboyRick WilliamsJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
The rescue program's annual family day arrives and it's bound to be one for the books. Tyler's mother and stepsister Sasha visit but Roger doesn't. Sasha disapproves of everything and makes Tyler's tour of the place miserable. Gina's family does not attend the event. Eric's parents arrive and upon seeing Eric with Lizzie they begin to suspect something. Lizzie's mother meets Eric's parents and Lizzie tells them that she is in a relationship with Eric. Eric has trouble keeping up with this lie so during lunch Lizzie does the talking and Eric remains silent. Gina spends the day with Dylan who dresses up in a dolphin costume and takes pictures with the little kids but ends up overheating but Gina successfully gets her out of the costume. Lizzie and Eric's parents find out that they lied. Eric's mother and father are fine but Lizzie's mother nearly pulls her out of the program but Lizzie manages to calm her down. Tyler, Sasha and his mother end up drifting out to sea in an outhouse and Tyler helps deliver his baby sister after his mother is forced to give birth in there. At the end of family day, each parent relationship is strengthened and Lizzie as well as Eric begin to realize they have feelings for each other.
5"Stranger Flings"April WinneyMolly Haldeman & Camila RubisJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
Dylan makes a presentation about trying to save the sea turtles which no one pays attention to. While patrolling, Gina stops a boy from harming sea turtles but find out from a member of a rival team that the boy is Chote Pavey the son of Thornton who donated the jet skis earlier in the series. In order to make things better between Chote and Gina Chote throws a party for all of the rescue participants. During the party, Chote and Gina get into playful competitions while Dylan has trouble having fun at the party due to previous doubts about going in the first place. After Tyler questions her, she reveals that the waitress serving the tacos at the taco bar is her mother and is ashamed that she isn't rich like Spencer and Logan, members of the rival team. Tyler manages to have her feel proud of what her mother does and stands up to Spencer. Gina and Chote's playful competitions end up with Gina saving Chote's life after he falls off a cliff and into the ocean. At the end, Lizzie and Eric tell each other how they really feel while Chote promises to stop antagonizing Gina.
6"With a Little Kelp from My Friends"Shannon FlynnDanielle CalvertJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
The team are named "Tower of the Week" to the dismay of Gavin and Brody. While on Kelp duty, Eric and Tyler are taken by two people in cloaks which are covering their faces. The two of them as well as members of other teams including Brody and Spencer are invited to join a secret society run by Gavin. While that takes place, Dylan beings to form a friendship with Logan. In order to join the society, the boys have to write down their darkest secrets in a book, fill Thornton's van with kelp and tell no one about the society. Dylan, Gina, Lizzie and Logan eventually find out about the society after interrogating Tyler in Vooch's bus. They decide to end this after finding it discriminating. At the meeting, the girls as well as Tyler take down the society. Eric reveals he ripped the pages filled with secrets out of the book, replaced them with phone book pages and burns the pages with secrets. The society comes to an end. Gavin gets fired and a mysterious person rips off his necklace and smashes it outside.
7"Pier Pressure"Scott McAboyBrittany AssalyJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
Spencer finds Gavin's smashed necklace and realizes Gavin is gone. As the summer nearly ends, Thornton is revealed to be Gavin's replacement as the director of the Malibu Rescue program and is much nicer than Gavin. Lizzie and Eric begin to enjoy some quality time together before summer ends. Dylan and Logan's friendship begins to strengthen. However, things aren't going so great. A man sneaks into their tower and takes pictures. They catch him and Thornton lets them have some fun at the pier. Logan hangs out with Tyler which makes Dylan jealous. Although everyone has fun, the true intentions are revealed later. Logan was using Tyler and never was Dylan's friend. An emergency happens near the team's tower but Logan saves a man from drowning and it's the same man from earlier. Thornton had set them up and kicks them out of the program. Logan gets their tower and Thornton pays the man who isn't hurt and says he'll get the second half when part two of the plan is complete.
8"Every Rose Has Its Thornton"Savage Steve HollandJed Elinoff & Scott ThomasJune 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)
After getting kicked out, the team as well as Logan, suspect that something is up. Logan reveals that she really wanted to be Dylan's friend. The team meets up at the beach and decide to sneak into Thornton's house with help from Vooch. They get in while Gina distracts Chote from noticing them. However, Thornton finds them and locks them in his closet. They manage to escape and find out that Thornton plans to blow up a tower and blame it on them as they are from the valley. While checking every tower, Eric and Tyler manage to defeat the man Thornton hired. The girls stop Thornton and reveal his entire scheme to the other members of the junior rescue. Thornton and the man are arrested. The team agree to give the Junior Rescuer of the Year award to Dylan. Roger becomes head of the program for the following summer. Eric and Lizzie have their first kiss as the team leave to go home.


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