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The discography of Malice Mizer, a Japanese visual kei rock band formed by Mana and Közi in August 1992. Malice Mizer's earlier music and themes were characterized by their strong French and classical influences, but they later incorporated Gothic-Victorian aspects after several tragedies befell the band. They went on an indefinite hiatus on December 11, 2001.


Title Release Date Label
Sans Logique October 31, 1992 None
Sadness April 5, 1993 None
Sadness / Speed of Desperate  ? None
The 1th Anniversary December 10, 1993 None
Après Midi 1996 Midi:Nette
Saikai no Chi to Bara November 3, 1999 Midi:Nette

Albums and EPs[edit]

Title Release date Label
Memoire July 24, 1994 Midi:Nette
Memoire DX December 24, 1994 Midi:Nette
Voyage Sans Retour June 9, 1996 Midi:Nette
Merveilles March 18, 1998 Nippon Columbia
Shinwa (神話?) February 1, 2000 Midi:Nette
Bara no Seidou (薔薇の聖堂) August 23, 2000 Midi:Nette



Title VHS release date DVD release date Label Type
Sans Retour Voyage "Derniere" ~Encoure Une Fois~ June 30, 1997 April 18, 2001 Midi:Nette Concert film
Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no Shunkan no Naka De~ de L'Image (ヴェル・エール ~空白の瞬間の中で~ de l'image) July 13, 1997 --- Nippon Columbia Feature film
Merveilles ~Shuuen to Kisuu~ L'Espace (merveilles ~終焉と帰趨~ l'espace) October 28, 1998 March 30, 2002 Nippon Columbia Concert film
Merveilles ~Cinq Parallele~ February 24, 1999 March 30, 2002 Nippon Columbia
Saikai no Chi to Bara ~de L'Image~ (再会の血と薔薇 ~de l'image~) December 21, 1999 --- Midi:Nette
Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi ~de L'Image~ (虚無の中での遊戲 ~de l'image~) May 31, 2000 --- Midi:Nette
Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake (薔薇に彩られた悪意と悲劇の幕開け) November 22, 2000 November 22, 2000 Midi:Nette Concert film
Bara no Kiseki (薔薇の軌跡) April 25, 2001 April 25, 2001 Midi:Nette
Beast of Blood ~de L'Image~ July 11, 2001 July 11, 2001 Midi:Nette
Cardinal --- February 6, 2002 Midi:Nette Music video collection
Bara no Konrei ~Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku~ (薔薇の婚礼 ~真夜中に交わした約束~) March 22, 2002 March 22, 2002 Midi:Nette Feature film