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Malichus II ( Arabic : مالك, Malik ) ruled Nabatea from 40 to 70.

According to some scholars, during his reign, Nabataean power decreased and it lost control of Damascus while others state the evidence that Nabataeans formally controlled Damascus in the 34 to 40 period is very weak to nonexistent.[1] with Gerd Lüdemann stating "that control never existed" for the 37 to 39 period [2] and Peter Alpass stating "it seems unlikely that the Romans would be willing to cede control of such important centre to the Nabataean king." and that Paul's reference to an ethnarch was to "the official in control of a Nabataean community in Damascus, and not the city as a whole."[3]

The Romans had diverted the routes of spice and perfume cargo shipments to Egypt. Rome was very powerful, so Malichus cooperated. In 66, a Jewish revolt occurred in Iudaea. Malichus sent 5,000 cavalry and 1,000 infantry to help Titus crush the rebellion. Malichus II died in AD 70.[4]

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