Malik Deenar Islamic Academy

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Malik Deenar Islamic Academy
مجمع مالك دينار الاسلامي
Malik Deenar Islamic Academy
Type Islamic Academy
Established 2001-April 11
President Yahya haji Thalangara
Principal Aboobacker Siddeeque Nadwi Cheroor
Location IndiaThalangara, Kasaragod, Kerala, India
Affiliations Darul Huda Islamic University

Malik Deenar Islamic Academy (Arabic:مجمع مالك دينار الاسلامي Malayalam:മാലിക്ക് ദീനാർ ഇസ്ലാമിക്ക് അക്കാദമി ) is an Islamic educational institution named after Malik Deenar,the disciple of Prophet Muhammed (S). It was established in 2001 April 11 under the Malik Deenar Great Juma masjid committee and was affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University,[1] Malappuram, Kerala and follows its educational curriculum. The Academy admits applicants younger than 12 and who have passed the public examination of fifth standard conducted by Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board for a 12-year course at the institution and provide all facilities including religious and material education at free of cost. The college has more than three hundred attendees from both Kerala and Karnataka.

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Malik Deenar Great Juma Masjid Committee is the Supreme Authority of the Academy.[2] Academic rules and norms are being strictly monitored by the principals of those periods.There were four principals in the institution yet.

Name Tenure
ANAS HUDAWI 2001-2005


Maslac(Malik deenar islamic Academy Students' Literary Associative Caravan) is the official students' union of MDI Academy.Rasheed Alampady is current President. Rashid Nileshwar possesses the office of Secretary General. There are fifteen Sub committees under the Maslac Cabinet Committee.[3]


IMAMA, also known as Imama Mdia is alumni organization of Malik Deenar Islamic Academy, initiated its service in 2012. Many progressive services, aiming at yielding best Islamic situation in locality, are bone by this organization. The organization is coordinated and run under guidance of advisory board chaired by Sideeque Nadvi Cheroor, Principal of Malik Deenar Islamic academy and Younus Ali Hudawi, Vice Principal of the Academy

Malik Deenar Research Congress[edit]

Malk Deenar Research Congress is a research centre based within the history department at the Academy and promotes historical research among the Muslim community in India.[4] The Congress is focused on the historical researches among the Muslim community in India and it was named after Sayyiduna Malik Deenar, the first follower of Prophet Muhammed, came to India to propagate Islam in the Indian Subcontinent.[5] MDRC promotes seven Full-time research fellows who are working on a bachelor's degree of Islamic and Contemporary Studies, provided by Darul Huda Islamic University[6] at Malik Deenar Islamic Academy, Kasaragod.[7] Suhail Hidaya Hudawi is the Director of Research Congress. Malik Deenar Great Juma Masjid Committee provides the financial assistance for the congress.[8]

The guide[edit]

The guide, bimonthly English magazine, is published by the institution with special focus on Islamic revival in all arena. The magazine which is first of this kind from south Indian campus, possess good dynamics in the Islamic propagation as it is led by a board of notable academicians under the auspicious supervision of Dr. Bahauhuddin Muhammed Nadwi, the vice chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University and chief editor of the magazine. The committed target of the magazine is confined to the Islamic reading of contemporary issues and major chunk of its article deals with Islamic approaches. The head courter of the magazine is housed in the premise of the institution.

The Al Manhaj Library[edit]

The Al Manhaj Library is the main library of the institution. The library contains current journals which are notable both nationally and internationally. The library's motto is "take the book and change the world is the".[citation needed]

MCL Project[edit]

Multiple Carnival of Languages(MCL) is progressive project powered by Abdul Samad Hudavi Thariytal, a lecturer of Malik Deenar Islamic Academy. The project targets on producing extraordinary students from the institution and also molding the idle and brilliant pupils. It conducts survey among student and also inspire them to carry on best works. and are bringing the activities of the organization out of campus.[9]

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