Malik Khoshaba

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Malik Khoshaba Yousep (died 1952) was an Assyrian leader (Malik') of the Tyari tribe (Bit Tyareh) who played a significant role during the Assyrian war of independence during World War I[1]

Khoshaba led forces in counterattacks against the far larger Ottoman Army and allied Kurdish troops during and after the period known as the Assyrian Genocide with some success. Khoshaba was known for his bravery, cruelty and military capabilities during this time.

Later in life however, Khoshaba became a figure of great controversy among Assyrians. He was seen by many (though not all) as a divisive figure, particularly with regards to undermining the cause of Assyrian autonomy within the newly created and Arab dominated state of Iraq in 1932.[2]

Khoshaba murdered his own wife and daughters, believing her to have been unfaithful to him. He escaped to Turkey, where he is rumoured to have killed a bear while armed only with a knife.[3]