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Malin Head
Mizen Head

Malin to Mizen most commonly refers to a journey from Malin Head (Ireland's most northerly point in County Donegal) to Mizen Head in County Cork (commonly thought to be Ireland's most southerly point, although nearby Brow Head is approximately 9 metres further south). The journey is most often attempted by cyclists and walkers as a challenge route with the goal of raising money for charities. As the crow flies, the two points are 466 km (290 mi) apart. The shortest road distance from Malin to Mizen is approximately 612 km (380 mi). The distance of the routes commonly taken have been reported as between 644 and 715 km (400 and 444 miles).[1] [2]


A record cycling time of 19 hours 3 mins was set in 1993 by Alex Barry.[3] However, the route is most commonly completed in around 5–6 days by cyclists. [4]

The charity Marie Curie Cancer Care uses the route as a fundraising opportunity and provides logistical support for cyclists who are able to raise a minimum sponsorship amount and pay a registration fee.[5] In July 2014, 26 members of the Over The Hill Cycling Club from Watergrasshill in County Cork completed the cycle from Mizen Head to Malin Head in 23 hours (21:16:15 moving time). The cycle was organised to raise funds for Pieta House, the centre for the prevention of self-harm or suicide. CLIC Sargent, the children and young people's cancer charity, also holds a Malin to Mizen cycle challenge,[6] as does the Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland, where again logistical support and accommodation are provided for cyclists who raise a minimum sponsorship amount. [7] Between 3–5 August 2012, Irish Ultra-Distance Cyclist Ricky Geoghegan became the first person to cycle non-stop from Malin Head to Mizen Head and back to Malin Head on a route of 773.2 miles, setting an Ultra Marathon Cycling Association Record (UMCA) with a time of 2 days, 7 hours, and 37 minutes.


The route was attempted by a resident of Tyrone Robbie Lowe on 1.2-metre (4 foot) stilts in 1997 as a charity fundraising venture.[8]

In 2002, Vinnie Kelly and Danny Farren from the nearby community of Glengad walked from Mizen to Malin in 12 days. They raised over €45,000 for local charities. Stephen O'Reilly Mariead Rooney and Ciara 'O'Hara walked from Malin head to Mizen over two weeks in 2009 to raise money for Marie Curie.

In July 2013, Joshua Moore and Matthew Sloan (both 17) walked along the west coast of Ireland from Mizen Head to Malin Head unaided, covering over 550 miles. They raised over £5000 for Friends of the Cancer Centre in Belfast. [9]

In August 2013, Mikey Regan (31) from Galway City walked a 687-kilometre (427 mi) route from Malin Head to Mizen Head in 15 days for The Coombe Neonatal Hospital, Dublin.

The GeriHatrics, Adrian Diver (71) a native of Moville, Co Donegal, Ben Hilliard (68) from Navan Co Meath and Peter Richmond (64) from Dorset did the walk from Mizen Head 14 May 2014 to Malin Head 6 June 2014, covering 421 miles (678 km).

Again, Mikey Regan Galway City walked Malin - Mizen Head in 11 days - 23 June to 3 July 2015. He walked an average of 64 km/40 miles a day clocking up a total of 706 km/439 miles.

Casey Higgins-King (22), originally from West Cork, walked from Mizen to Malin from 10 September to 25 September 2015 as a fundraiser for ICS Progressio, a charity that works in developing countries in the fight against inequality and poverty.[10] [11]

In June 2016 Lorcan Doyle aged 14 from Kilkenny walked from Mizen to Malin in 15 days with his father Robert. They covered a distance of 616 km in aid of a local Kilkenny charity Teach Tom.[12]


Between 5 and 10 July 2011, Welsh International ultra-runner, Jennifer Salter (36), broke the existing End-to-End World Running record set by Ireland's Richard Donovan by over 14 hours by covering the 555 kilometres (345 mi) distance in 4 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes and 10 seconds.[13] From 25 to 29 March 2012, Sharon Gayter (UK) broke the record again with a time of 4 days, 1 hour, 39 minutes and 55 seconds (which was verified as the world record by the Book of Alternative Records). From 22 to 25 September 2012, Mimi Anderson (UK) broke the record once again with a time of 3 days 15 hours 36 minutes 23 seconds, as verified by Guinness World Records.

From 29 April to 2 May Irish International ultra-runner Eoin Keith broke the record by over 11 hours with a time of 3 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes.

Mixed running/cycling[edit]

From 3 to 7 July 2011, Malcolm McLoughlin undertook the runningforpearl crossing, running 200 km and cycling 410 km to cover the 610 km from Mizen to Malin, to raise awareness for child autism.[14]


From 7 to 19 June 2009, four European friends (Alex, Raif, Alfred and Peter) "ran" their longboard skateboards the length of Ireland to raise awareness about the crisis in Zimbabwe and to raise support for the Elias Fund. They longboarded from Mizen Head to Malin Head in twelve days.[15]


From 8 to 18 September 2016, Mannix "Microscooter-Man" McAlister scooted his microscooter the length of Ireland to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. He scooted from Malin Head to Mizen head in 11 days.

Other uses of the phrase[edit]

The phrase is also used to represent the whole geographical extent of Ireland: "a Malin Head to Mizen Head approach".[16]

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