Malir River Bridge

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Malir River Bridge
Coordinates24°52′17″N 67°08′46″E / 24.87139°N 67.14611°E / 24.87139; 67.14611
Carries6 lanes
CrossesMalir River
Official nameMalir River Bridge
Total length5,000 metres (16,000 ft)
Width19 metres (62 ft)
Longest span30 metres (98 ft)
DesignerA.A. Associates
Opened4 February 2009

The Malir River Bridge (Urdu: ملير ريور برج‎) is to date Pakistan's largest bridge which spans 5,000 metres (16,000 ft). This bridge was inaugurated by Governor of Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad on Wednesday 4 February 2009. The cost of the bridge is PKR 1.2 billion or USD 14 million funded by the Government of Pakistan.[1] The bridge has shortened the distance by 28 kilometres (17 mi) for the residents of Korangi, Landhi and Shah Faisal towns. To enable construction 42 houses were demolished and the owners were compensated by the government.


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